24 May 2016

On The Pull 25/05/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: It's all change again over at DC as the New 52 limps into the sunset. I was wary when the New 52 started - did we really need such big changes? But like most fans I was won over, for the most part, by the positive direction the comics were taking. Sadly it didn't last and the shine soon faded - so where did it go wrong? A question for another time maybe. For now, 'Rebirth' is on the way, and this week we see the 80-page, $2.99, DC Universe Rebirth #1 set the scene for the next chapter of the DC saga. Geoff Johns, DC's creative driving force in past few years, once again takes the reigns and leads the charge forward. A great price for this title and it will hopefully give us reason to pick up all the new issue #1s. Also new from DC this week is Scooby Apocalypse #1, taking Scooby Doo and the gang in a totally new direction. Jim Lee has redesigned the characters for the 21st century - it could be horrible or a great 'Elseworlds' style book but it has to be worth a try. Over at Marvel it's the return of the one true Cap as Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 hits the shelves. The Captain America: Sam Wilson title continues but Steve is back - he's got a new look and new shield but some old faces have returned to help him out. Daredevil has been on a pretty consistent high over the last few years and is still going strong in it's latest incarnation. Last issue saw the return of Elektra and the story continues in Daredevil #7. Charles Soule understands the characters and Matteo Buffagni's art is perfect in tone. Add to that the covers by Bill Sienkiewicz and this is a great looking book. Finally for my indie fix is the return of Squarriors. Yes, the warring tribes of squirrels are back for a second miniseries. The first series was a pretty dark affair from writer Ash Maczko as the animals tried to survive in a post human world. The art was truly stunning and I look forward to more of the same from artist Ashley Witter.

Stewart R: Considering that Geoff Johns hooked me in with his redefining of the Green Lantern universe back in the day I'd be a touch foolish to not at least give DC Universe Rebirth #1 a cursory look this Wednesday. The interesting thing for me with this whole endeavour is just how careful comic book readers - even die-hard DC fans - are being in regards to this 'Rebirth' compared to the feverish buy-them-all trend that came with the New 52. It really seems that as a collective reading audience we feel a touch burned by what we ended up with and wary of publisher resets - soft or otherwise - especially when cover prices increase year on year. I'm personally only interested in 2-3 titles coming in the approaching wave of new DC releases and I'm hoping that this opener will give some wider insight into what we'll be getting. That number #1 aside it's very much a case of regular titles for me to pick up this week. I've finally managed to catch up on Strayer, the post-apocalyptic fun-fest from Justin Jordan and Aftershock Comics, and the chaos will continue this week in the fourth chapter. The world building that Jordan manages to get done in such a short space of time across his various titles is quite astounding and the dangerous wasteland he's populated here is compelling to say the least. And while we're on the subject of dangerous wastelands we of course get Extraordinary X-Men #10 to dive into as well, with Jeff Lemire having whisked us, along with the likes of Colossus, Glob and Anole, to yet another far flung future where the shadow of Apocalypse has once again descended upon the Earth. It's of course something of a blatant cash -n what with X-Men: Apocalypse out in the UK, Europe and Asia already and hitting US screens this Friday, but, goshdarnit, Lemire and Humberto Ramos have been doing a stand up job of keeping my interest in the mutants and their struggles burning that I'll allow this cash'n'grab to continue with my full support. My final nod of the week has to be thrown in the direction of Suiciders: Kings of HelL.A. #3 as Lee Bermejo has continued his fine scripting with his works in this universe and the art of Alessandro Vitti has been a terrific fit for this violent Californian setting. Believe me when I say you should check out Suiciders if you haven't already!

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