7 Jun 2016

On The Pull 08/06/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: DC's Rebirth continues this week with a few more books I used to get but lost faith with during the New 52 era. So, I will be hoping to return Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman to my pull-list. Each have a creative team to grab your attention. Greg Rucka returns to Wonder Woman which is great news and with Liam Sharp joining him as artist this could be a little gem. Dan Abnett revitalized Guardians Of The Galaxy a few years back and he could do the same here on Aquaman. Finally, Birthright scribe Joshua Williamson takes on the Flash, a character that was pivotal to Flashpoint and is playing a big part in Rebirth. To throw a little confusion into the DC mix of #1s, two titles return to their original numbering Action Comics (#957) and Detective Comics (#934), although Action does dive straight into a Doomsday story which I'm a little disappointed by as the big D was used a fair bit in the New 52. And now for something completely different: Wacky Races gets the DC revamp and becomes Wacky Raceland, a futuristic race across a post-apocalyptic world. This is not the Dick Dastardly I remember from my childhood but could be a lot of fun. Over at Marvel there's an event going on and obviously it needs a lot of tie-ins. Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man #1 is written by Christos Gage who has handled a lot of Spidey spin-offs over the years and has complemented Dan Slott's work nicely so I'm sure this will be an exciting look into the part Peter Parker plays in the summer event. And after all the hubbub of new releases it's time to relax, so I may well check out the Color Your Own Young Marvel book by Skottie Young. Now, where did I put my crayons?

Matt C: Another fun-packed week of comics from the looks things, but one title inspires more curiosity this Wednesday, despite some fierce competition. DC continues its 'rebirth' with Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 and Flash Rebirth #1, Tom King has two excellent titles on offer in the form of Sheriff Of Babylon #7 and The Vision #8, we return to a galaxy far, far away with Poe Dameron #3, and have further bleeding edge science thrills in Think Tank: Creative Destruction #3, but what I'm most eager to see this week is the final, triple-sized issue of The Sixth Gun. Perhaps I haven't sung its praises here as often as a should since it debuted six years ago (!) but it's remained a solid, entertaining read, mixing up Western tropes with a large helping of the supernatural to often thrilling effect, with colourful characterization matching the vibrancy of the artwork. It's perhaps suffered from one spin-off miniseries too many along the way but the core tale of redemption in the face of near-unstoppable evil has remained strong all the way through. It's Cullen Bunn's best work at Oni (and arguably his best work so far in his career) so while I'll be sad to see it disappear off my pull-list I am a keen to see if he can fill the void left by The Sixth Gun's absence in the not too distant future.

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