21 Jun 2016

On The Pull 22/06/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Stewart R: So, I was sold by Superman #1 last week, will I be as equally impressed as Dan Abnett and Brad Walker come together with the aim of leaving nothing but success and good reviews in the rippling wake of Aquaman #1? This is of course a magical creative coupling that I fully enjoyed back when they were working on Guardians Of The Galaxy for Marvel many moons ago, so the reunion over at DC had to have my attention. The Aquaman: Rebirth #1 issue a few weeks ago realistically just reaffirmed the generally accepted status quo with Arthur the leader of Atlantis, protector of a people who don't fully trust him, and outsider to the land-dwellers with whom he also shares a common heritage. It's been clear that Aquaman has been a very hard character for DC to sell for quite some time, and even the usual golden touch of Geoff Johns failed to light the spark with a large reading audience following the launch of the New 52 some five years ago. There'll be an added emphasis to get Arthur Curry into the spotlight now that the motion picture wheels are spinning so there's quite a lot riding on this latest endeavour. I'm expecting Abnett to hit us with an explosive start that gets the Atlantean politics churning in the background and I've hope that this could become a regular fix in my pull-list should this talented writer/artist combo recapture that aforementioned magic they experienced previously. Elsewhere around the block it's of course a Jason Aaron,/Marvel double-bill with Doctor Strange #9 and Mighty Thor #8 hitting stands while over at Valiant the penultimate chapter of Divinity II will certainly be a must read!

Matt C: After a busy few weeks it's nice to have a 'quiet one' - gives me a chance to catch up on the various books I haven't got around to reading yet! Wonder Woman #1 will definitely jump to the front of the queue following the strong showing with the Rebirth issue. Having never picked up any of the character's previous volumes for any long stretch I'm dubious about whether this new run will buck the trend but I'm willing to give it a shot, and with Greg Rucka at the helm the chances of me sticking around are a lot higher. Otherwise this Wednesday is made up of ongoings I'm already committed to like Doctor Strange, Mighty Thor and Autumnlands, three fine titles that will make up for the lack of quantity this week through sheer lack of quality.

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