5 Jul 2016

On The Pull 06/07/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Kenny J: It's a week of vigilantism. Several of my titles star what could be considered the dark antihero contingent of the comic book world. First up is Renato Jones: The One% #3. This book vims with the kind of punk rock attitude that only Image really deliver these days. Its anger at those in the much maligned top one percent spills onto the page via the kinetic artwork and fast-paced story. At the other end of the spectrum is the establishment in Batman #2. Tom King's first two issues have proven that he has a firm grasp of who the Dark Knight is and that will keep me around for a while. To be honest, I will only be picking up Rebirth books set in Gotham so it's great see that the flagship title of that part of the DCU is in safe hands. Marvel's primo antihero also has a book out in Punisher #3. I've really been enjoying the Cloonan/Dillon combination as they bring a subtleness to what is all too often a completely over the top character. To round up the week is a book that I feel like hasn't been released for ages. Spread is one those books that, probably due to it's sporadic release schedule, doesn't get enough praise in my opinion. The artwork is especially inventive with a solid post-apocalyptic tale to boot. I guess that's why I've kept an eye out for it all this time and why it rounds off my pull for this Wednesday.

Stewart R: It's a double DC week for my pull-list this Wednesday with Superman #2 and Aquaman #2 both making an appearance and I'm eager to see what both have to offer.  After a Smallville style introduction it looks like Tomasi and Gleason will escalate things quickly for Clark as he takes his son under his superhero wing and into a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, on Aquaman, Arthur will be fighting for not only his survival, but for the olive branch of peace he's put forward to the land-dwelling governments, now threatened by the revenge-seeking Black Manta. The only concern with Aquaman for me is the potential back-and-forth swapping of artists between Brad Walker and Scott Eaton for each issue, so I'll be interested to see if a feeling of visual continuity is achieved. Over at Marvel it's a strange spread of books this week with one superhero title for me in the shape of Moon Knight #4, one Star Wars tie-in speeding through in Han Solo #2, and the space opera pursuit thrills of Mark Millar's Empress #4. It really does seem that through the past 12 months my interest in Marvel's capes and crime-fighting staples has tapered off somewhat and it's weeks such as this that make me realise it. I'm not touching Civil War II at all, and with a hefty pull-list week such as this - 16 books in all - I have to admit I'm scanning through my regular Marvel titles and wondering which ones might have to fall by the wayside soon.

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