26 Jul 2016

On The Pull 27/07/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: Following the UK's ludicrous decision to leave the European Union last month, and the resulting meltdown of the pound against the dollar, this week we're faced with the first bump in prices from Diamond - and, consequently, you're local comic shop - in eight years. Yes, this expensive hobby just got more expensive with many individual $3.99 issues jumping past the three pound mark for the first time. There are probably going to be some tough decision made amongst some people who can't afford the extra outlay but I'd like to think it's not going to see them quit the weeklies altogether - this medium still needs our support! Which leads me to the book I'm highlighting this week, Mechanism #1 from Top Cow. You may be aware of Raffaele Ienco via his impressive artistry on Symmetry, also from Top Cow, but here he takes on both writing and illustrating duties for a tale that sees a prototype combat robot rushed into the battlefield without testing in the aftermath of an alien invasion, where it will ultimately decide whether the human race is worth saving or not. It's a strong premise and Ienco is a fine artist, so while it may cost us in the UK a few more pennies than if it had been released several weeks ago, creator-owned work is where most of the originality and ingenuity is these days, and so it's worth encouraging it whenever possible. It's a fairly busy week all round, and my other main highlights come Wednesday are Wonder Woman #3 from DC, Old Man Logan #9 from Marvel and Outcast #19 from Marvel. To any Brits reading this: remember to show your support to your trusty retailer this week as they'll be feeling the crunch too!

Kenny J: Not to start off on too negative a tract but one of the main problems surrounding reboots, at least for me, is the interruption of series that otherwise would have remained on my pull-list for many tens of issues to come. And so it is with Batgirl #1 - not only do we get a new locale for Barbara Gordon but also a completely new creative team. Luckily they are promising more of what came before, keeping the same tone and upwards trajectory this particular part of the DC Universe was on before Rebirth was a thing. Another #1 that has me intrigued comes out of the Top Cow stable of Image. Recently, under the stewardship of Matt Hawkins, Top Cow has been a 'think tank' publishing big ideas and futurist concepts and it seems Mechanism may be another one of these titles. Written by Raffaele Ienco it deals with that all too modern subject of AI and what the singularity will make of us fleshy fragile things. Another title that I look forward to whenever an issue hits our shelves is Jupiter's Circle, surprisingly not only for the amazing art - that goes without saying, its Frank Quitely - but also for one of Mark Millar's less showy stories. There is also two titles from Marvel on my list this week. Mighty Thor has quickly become one of my favourite books again, vying with Doctor Strange for top spot when it comes to the Marvel camp and Black Panther features solid storytelling with an underlying political undertone that I find irresistible.

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