23 Aug 2016

On The Pull 24/08/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Kenny J: A very quiet week this week but as we comic readers know an absence of books doesn't mean an absence of quality. Renato Jones: The One% came out of the starting blocks all guns literally blazing. As I've mentioned on here before it has a punk rock fizzle that speaks to the far-too-old-and-should-know-better-thirty-something that I am who's never quite shaken his anti-establishment affectations. The last helping of Renato’s gleeful destruction was very pretty but more of the same. That said, I like the frenetic artwork so much and the story always rattles along at such a pace I really don't mind. In another example of more of the same but it really doesn't matter, Batgirl #2 is out this week. Hope Larson has retained what made the last volume of Barbara Gordon's Burnside adventures so enjoyable while setting her off on a completely new global story. It always a joy to see a book drawn by Rafael Albuquerque as he makes Okinawa look as beautiful as it does in real life while lending drama to the story. Despite the rather reductive name, the first issue of Snotgirl was a surprisingly complex affair. Lottie Person's multifaceted life as the perfect social media star but also the self-loathing allergy sufferer is being beautifully rendered by Leslie Hung with that strong Manhattan influence that graced the pages of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim. O’Malley is only writing this title but it hasn't lost any of the charm and comedic touches he is known for. I'm looking forward to Snotgirl #2, a book I wasn't sure of when it first got announced but with a team I very much admire. Should have never doubted them.

Matt C: I'll admit I haven't gone a bundle on DC's Rebirth. I've sampled a few titles but as it stands there's just one book that rises above the rest of them, and in fact it rises above a lot of the current output of the Big Two due to being an exquisite example of superhero comics at their finest. That book is Wonder Woman, and as we're alternating between two stories on a fortnightly basis (one 'contemporary', the other a 'Year One' retelling), in a way we're getting two stellar tales each month, and they both put a lot of their peers to shame. The 'Year One' tale is edging it for me at the moment but this week's uneasy pairing of Diana and Cheetah should be just as smart and absorbing as the previous two instalments, providing another example of why Greg Rucka is a master of the medium, his ability to weave strong characters through grand, mythic tales being never less than impressive. Wonder Woman #5 is, unsurprisingly, my pick of what is generally a quiet week for me. Mechanism #2 should be another highlight, Outcast #20 hopefully won't be overshadowed by what's happened in the TV show, Captain America: Steve Rogers #4 needs to consolidate on its early promise and it would be nice to see Star Wars #22 not fall back into a Luke/Han/Leia rut again. All will be revealed this Wednesday.

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