6 Sept 2016

On The Pull 07/09/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: Another quiet week for me, or is it quiet because I've become more discerning with my purchases? Money and time are limited resources so when it gets to the point where you're reading something on a monthly basis and you're reaction to each issue is, "Well, that was okay I suppose" then it's probably wise to invest your money and time elsewhere. This has happened to me a few times over the last few months, and I guess the post-Brexit price bump in the UK has caused me to use the "Maybe it will get better next issue" excuse less frequently than I have in the past. I need to consume great art, not passable art!! One title that won't see itself trimmed from my pull-list for simply being okay is Kill Or Be Killed, the latest collaboration between Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser. The first issue displayed their trademark storytelling brilliance but had a twist that should take them in directions they may not have explored before. After the magnificence of The Fade Out they have a tough act to follow, but if anyone's going to do it, it's this trio of creatives. That's my top pick from Image and over at Marvel I'll select Moon Knight #6 as the book I'll take a look at first. I may have mentioned this a few times here (*ahem*) but I do believe Jeff Lemire is on fire at the moment, and his Marvel work has been, for the most part, well, a marvel. (Sorry!) Old Man Logan may be edging ahead as a personal favourite at the moment but Moon Knight is easily one of the most inventive books the House of Ideas is currently publishing.

Stewart R: Just like Matt I view Kill Or Be Killed #2 as an essential read for the week after a very impressive debut from Brubaker, Philips and Breitweiser. The first chapter trod a fine line between a dark look at mental health and the moral compass with a more sinister, mystical mystery on the other side and this ambiguity (the latter could be a result of the former) should make for much of the intrigue as the story unfolds. For once I'm going to be giving Dynamite a whole $3.99 this week - I actually tend to shy away from the works of the publisher - for a look at new miniseries The Great Divide by Ben Fisher and Adam Markiewicz. This is a post-apocalyptic tale where physically touching another person could be swiftly and painfully fatal, whilst those who survive the encounter are beset with memory flashes of those they touched and killed. This sounds like X-Men Rogue's powers have been dropped into a survival-horror/thriller setting and while it's not a terrifically leftfield comic book concept I still think it's worth exploring. This week marks the very happy return of Xavier Dorison and Terry Dodson's Red One which delighted in 2015's two issues and returns for this Autumn season with at least two more chapters. I'm anticipating the same crazy Hollywood-meets-the-Cold-War vibe as Vera Yelnikov continues her career as superhero AND Soviet spy in 1970s Los Angeles and just writing that sentence has me excited for the return of this comic!

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