20 Sept 2016

On The Pull 21/09/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: Quite a list of comics to choose from this week. I think top of a lot of peoples' pull, including mine, will be Seven To Eternity #1. Just the creative team alone will have many fans panting with excitement. Writer Rick Remender is joined by his Uncanny X-Force collaborator, artist Jerome Opena, and colourist extraordinaire Matt Hollingsworth. Can a dying knight save his world from an evil god? Or will he give in to temptation and bend his knee to the God of Whispers and have everything his heart desires? On past and present form, I have real high hopes for this title. Ooh look: new stuff from DC! Batman And Superman as a comic series is no more but now there is Trinity #1 which adds Wonder Woman to the old boys club. We've seen DC's big three together before but after Rebirth there is a new Superman in town. How will this affect the core dynamic? Francis Manapul is both writer and artist on the new look Trinity. Breaking out of Teen Titans, Raven #1, is the start of a six part miniseries. Legendary writer Marv Wolfman helps Raven explore her human side as she goes to high school. Batman #7 is the start of a crossover, so be prepared. Tom King is joined by co-writer Steve Orlando, who has a hand in all the crossover titles, including this week's Nightwing #5. 'Night Of The Monster Men' pitches Batman and friends against monsters rampaging through Gotham. Over at Marvel, the delayed Civil War II #5 reaches the shelves. This issue reveals the truth about Ulysses' visions of the future and of course that will probably mean more hero vs hero action. Add to that Kingsway West #2, Manifest Destiny #23 and I Hate Fairyland #9, and that's some pretty good reading to look forward to.

Matt C: Some heavyweights on my personal pull-list make an appearance on Wednesday so that's always going to brighten up my week. I'm going to echo Andy's top pick and say that I'll be chomping at the bit to crack open Seven To Eternity #1. Remender has been on especially fine form of late, and how can anyone resist seeing him reteam with Jerome Opena again? Trinity #1 is also going to get a look, primarily as Francis Manapul's early stint on The Flash was arguably one of the only highlights of the fledgling New 52 several years ago. Those are the new books on the list. Of the returning favourites, Black Hammer #3 should continue to astound with its clever riff on a stranded Justice League analogue, while over at Marvel we'll find the penultimate issue of The Vision, a book that has startled and enthralled many people who would have told you 12 months ago they would be unlikely to ever bother with a book starring the red and green synthezoid, myself included. The last issue was heartbreaking so I expect a similar wallop to the emotions this time around!

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