11 Oct 2016

On The Pull 12/10/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: Despite a fairly big list of new releases this week, my personal pull is quite a modest affair. So, where to start? Over to Image and that man, Mark Millar, is back. This time he's got Greg Capullo joining him on his latest comic offering, Reborn. Where do you go when you die? Heaven, Hell, Bournemouth? None of the above according to Messrs Millar and Capullo. Their view of the afterlife is a more fantastic realm of dragons and airships and the continuing battle of good vs evil. When 80 year-old Bonnie Black passes she finds herself reborn in this new world, now as a sword-wielding twentysomething. She meets family and friends who have gone before and she must make her way in this strange land in search of the one person missing from her past, her husband. Visually, this looks great, with Capullo able to cut loose with some out of this world designs. It should be an entertaining read as Millar gets to create and play with a whole new world. It's been building for a while in the recent issues of Amazing Spider-Man but 'Dead No More' starts proper in the pages of Clone Conspiracy #1. Instead of having the main story run in the pages of ASM it's going to be in this five-part miniseries with regular writer Dan Slott joined by artist Jim Cheung as Spidey battles a returning Jackal. Question is, if the Jackal is back from the dead who else will turn up? This story is in canon so we'll have to read this issue before Amazing Spider-Man #20. Darth Vader #25 is the final issue of the series. It's been a consistently good read but how far can you go with this character? Probably best to quit while you're ahead. It's a 40-page giant-size issue to bring this chapter of Lord Vader's life to a close and hopefully writer Kieron Gillen will be wrapping up all the loose ends in style. While that title finishes, this week sees the return of one of Image Comics' recent hot titles. Monstress #7 reunites Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda on their popular title. Admittedly, I'm going have to re-read the first run as so much happened I've lost track. The gorgeous artwork means that it won't be a chore so I'm kinda looking forward to it. Finally, Wonder Woman #8 takes a break from the regular 'Year One' story, as does artist Nicola Scott. This issue writer sees Greg Rucka joined by Bilquis Evely as they delve into the early years of Cheetah.

Stewart R: A few members of the PCG met up a couple of days ago and the majority of us mentioned that this Wednesday was a whopper in terms of number of titles to pick up. It's actually quite crazy as a culmination of new books meets recurring ongoing titles across publishers with Image having something of a big week. I'll walk you through my list briefly with Reborn #1 being a must look of course with the power couple of Millar and Capullo bringing their creative forces to bear. I've also got Black Science #25, Jupiter's Legacy Vol 2 #4, Kill Or Be Killed #3, Lazarus #25 as unwavering locked-in purchases while Fix #6 and Southern Cross #7 find themselves on shakier ground as I've not read the previous instalments as yet and that tends to be a dubious sign for my packed pull-list these days. One casualty has already appeared in the form of Monstress which, while an enjoyable fantasy drama that loosely reminded me of Phillip Pullman's Northern Lights books, I feel may be better in collected form later down the line. I'm going to give Marvel's Mosaic #1 a punt this week as I do get the feeling that they may start to lean heavily on new characters in the next decade or so as we've seen large changes befall the 'original' heroes in recent years and it does seem that the Inhumans are here for the long term with an already expanded roster and potential for even growth. As I've stepped away from picking up Amazing Spider-Man I won't be investing in Clone Conspiracy despite Jim Cheung's presence as the term 'clone' always sends a chill down my spine when it comes to Spidey lore and it's another that I may possibly look at in collected format if reviews prove promising.

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