13 Oct 2016

TEAM-UP! The PCG & Pipedream Comics

Matt C: Regular visitors to this site will know that, generally, the PCG are mainstream guys, our pull-lists comprised of books from the major publishers in the market. Sure, we can probably be a little esoteric, and we often champion titles that are far from sales juggernauts, but by and large we talk about stuff that you can readily pick up in most well stocked comic shops. We do branch out into the small press and digital arenas from time to time but not nearly as often as we’d like. Basically, there’s simply too much material coming out on a monthly basis to cover it all so sometimes it’s easier to stick with what you know when faced with a near overwhelming number of choices.

But while we don’t cover indie, small press and digital comics that frequently, we know some guys who do, and they do it brilliantly. And so, in the spirit of keeping the sense of community alive in comics, we’re partnering up with Pipedream Comics for what we hope will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Pipedream Comics should be your first port of call for news and reviews in the world of indie and digital comics and if you like what you see over there (and you should) then you should most definitely consider getting yourselves copies of their online ‘zine, The Pull List. At a ridiculously reasonable price of 99p (yes, really) each issue features comment, interviews and opinion on  books from creators who ply their trade outside the mainstream. Get yourself over here and acquire some copies for yourself!

We’ll be running a monthly round up for Pipedream at The PCG (and they’ll be doing the same for us over there) so be sure to keep an eye out so you can broaden your horizons, just like we’ll be doing!

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