5 Oct 2016


Hello everyone - let me quickly introduce us before I turn things over to my son! I’m Ian and I’ve been shopping at Paradox since about 1995 (and collecting comics since 1988). My son James though has been visiting Paradox for his entire life! At first he used to come along in his pushchair and sleep but around the age of four or five he started to take an interest in the Transformers & Star Wars stuff that Andy H had on display (there was a massive Hoth Wampa at one point that James would have killed for!) After the Avengers movie came out in 2012 he began to show an interest in superheroes that has kept growing ever since. Our monthly visits to Paradox have become the highlight of his calendar and he is rapidly developing a knowledge and a passion for superhero comics that surpasses even mine! Whenever we’re in Paradox, James likes to join in when me and Andy start to chat about the state of the current comics scene which prompted Andy to ask him if he fancied giving the PCG his thoughts on DC's Rebirth. James agreed and so, with further ado, here’s he is!

Hi I’m James, I’m 10 and I’ve been reading comics for about 40% of my life and I love them.

Andy asked me to talk about Rebirth which is a reboot and reboots can be a good or a bad thing generally. In DC’s case is it a good thing? Yes! Rebirth is great, I absolutely love it. All the titles I’m reading are really addictive, fun and leave you begging for more. It’s so good having the creators able to use the really classic DC characters – like Superman for example. The New 52 Superman died and they are using the classic Superman again. Cool! I did like the New 52, younger heroes trying to prove something was a fun idea, but it wasn’t as good as Rebirth. I don’t personally miss the New 52 now, Rebirth is about 10 times better. Think about it!
I really like all of the Rebirth titles that I’m reading, they all have good storylines, really awesome art and lots of fun! So far I’ve read Batman, Detective Comics, Superman, Action Comics, Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps, Flash, Suicide Squad, Deathstroke, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Red Hood & The Outlaws, Justice League and Trinity – some of those are my Dad’s though as I don’t have enough pocket money to get everything I’d like. My favourite is probably All Star Batman. I love Snyder and Romita Jr and I think their storytelling and art fit really well together. Actually I like everyone working on Rebirth because they are working with Geoff Johns – he wrote awesome Green Lantern and Justice League stories and now he’s overseeing the comics and the film universe. My only Rebirth disappointment is that there is no Grant Morrison.

That concludes my review of DC's Rebirth. Thank you and keep on reading!!!!

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