29 Nov 2016

On The Pull 30/11/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: A quiet week but still a pretty diverse bunch of titles on my pull-list to keep me occupied. Civil War II may not be over yet but Marvel are already on their next 'event' as Inhumans Vs X-Men #0 (IVX) sets the scene on the showdown between the two factions. Charles Soule, a mainstay for Marvel these days, is writing the series, and he's joined by artist Kenneth Rocafort, whose unique style is my main reason for picking this title up. I'll be honest, I almost avoided IVX as I thought this was going to be the mutants' swansong and why would I want to read that?? Thankfully, new X-titles are promised for the new year, so hope springs eternal for the X-Men. It's a double header from Rick Remender this week with Deadly Class #24 and Seven To Eternity #3. Both have been great reads and I always look forward to the next issue so if it had only been these two out this Wednesday I would have considered my pull more than enough. Finally, I've been looking forward to the return of Dan Schaffer for ages. I was blown away by his black and white art (and writing) on Dogwitch many moons ago and now he's back with White #1. This time the art is in full colour as we follow the survivor of a plane crash as she struggles against the odds in shark-infested water. It's all about the quality this week, not quantity.

Stewart R: It's an understated end to the comic book month with the inevitable crush and carnage of comic book publishers no doubt pushing as much as they can in the three weeks of December ahead. It's an appreciated breather as I've been able to catch up on a small sample of my 'to read' pile recently and amongst the new offerings this Wednesday I may find time to tackle that pile as well. Top of the list this week is Superman Annual #1. I'd initially dismissed this having something of an aversion to Annuals these days because of the increased cover price and because it seems that the regular writing and art talent aren't always involved. Tomasi and Gleason are on writing duties here however, and have Jorge Jimenez putting pencil to paper after an impressive effort in Superman #3. From previous experience, Tomasi and Gleason embrace their Annual experiences as opportunities to explore characters on a deeper emotional level than perhaps the pace of the ongoing series allows so I'm very interested to see what they might lay bare here with Clark Kent. It's fair to say that when it comes to Rick Remender's Deadly Class, the covers by Wes Craig hint at what may occur inside, but aren't always quite so clear cut in their depiction. I've been anticipating Helmut and Viktor squaring off ever since the cover for Deadly Class #24 popped up in Previews and I have no idea whether it'll be a swift, passing show of bravado, something more, or a tease that never comes to be. It's what you've got to love about comics, the sheer unpredictability!

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