20 Dec 2016

On The Pull 21/12/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Stewart R: As this troublesome year draws to a close and the political landscape around the globe continues to shift and shake in the face of churning conflicts, attitudes and fears, it's interesting to see how comic books are turning their gaze over such issues in greater frequency. Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine's Divinity started off simply as an alternative look at the Space Race, folding things into the Valiant universe and unleashing characters of unknown power and moral standpoint upon heroes such as X-O Manowar and Ninjak. Now hitting the third arc with Divinity III: Stalinverse, Kindt looks set to offer an alternative view of the modern world from a USSR-driven communist slant where the Soviet Union conquered the entire planet and the heroes are now all firmly loyal to Mother Russia. I've loved the previous two arcs to Divinity and cannot wait to see what transpires through this new book which is clearly crying out to be read... or is that 'Red'??  I'm also very excited for the third chapter of Matthew Rosenberg's 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank to finally get its time of the shelves and in willing hands this Wednesday as it feels as if the break between issues was perhaps a little too long considering the very strong start that the series received. A healthy dose of humourous dialogue and an unpredictable plot is just what's needed during these dark days of Winter! My final nod this week goes in the direction of the tumultuous seas where the violent waters can occasionally run red with blood... I'm of course suggesting that we cast a line out and fish ourselves up a copy of Hook Jaw #1 from the creative minds of Simon Spurrier and Conor Boyle. Pirates, marine scientists, the US Navy, the CIA and one shadowy, stealthy, top-of-the-ocean-food-chain predator all thrown into the mix! What more could you ask for??

Matt C: Not a lot on the pull-list, thank the Lord (it's an expensive time of year, right?) but fortunately it's quality all the way. Black Hammer #6 leads the pack, topping off a stellar year for Jeff Lemire, and as that that wasn't enough he's got the second instalment of the hugely promising Thanos out too. We've got another issue of one of the highlights of DC's 'Rebirth', Francis Manapul's Trinity, while Marvel has Doctor Strange #15, a series that I am starting to think needs a shot of adrenaline to get it moving again. Finally, the wildcard: Gamora #1. I've not got any special attachment to the character but my interest stems from the creative team (which includes Captain Marvel screenplay scribe Nicole Perlman), a fine cover by Esad Ribic, and the fact that I allegedly have a 'thing' for green ladies (see also: She-Hulk). None of these books are festive-themed in any way but they do offer a potential escape from any Yuletide madness that lies ahead. See you on the other side!

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