31 Jan 2017

On The Pull 01/02/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: We enter the second month of the year and looking at my pull-list for this Wednesday I feel I can say 'Make Mine Marvel' again as the House of Ideas take up the bulk of it. Jeff Lemire is, in my humble opinion, the best writer working at the publisher right now, which means both Old Man Logan #17 and Moon Knight #11 will be on the top of my reading pile this week. Both completely different but bother utterly compelling, proving that Lemire is equally at home weaving stories of high profile characters as he is working on his own creations over at Image and Dark Horse. Marvel also have the opening chapter of a new miniseries that looks promising, with Bullseye #1 giving one of the Man Without Fear's most persistent enemies a chance to take the spotlight. Writer Ed Brisson is another indie guy I'm hoping has the chops to succeed in the mainstream. Rounding things off is Hawkeye #3, with Kate Bishop as the lead, and it's a title that's proving to be every bit as good as the recent volumes. Over at Image the ever-excellent Deadly Class leads the pack with its 26th issue, a title that continues to surprise by never playing into expectations.

Stewart R: I for one am very excited that this Wednesday we get to fly back to the reaches of outer space and descend once again onto a heap of rock and junk that trapped many an unaware traveller in Ken Garing's Image series Planetoid. Several years have past in real life since the original volume hit shelves and in Planetoid Praxis #1, Garing shifts the story many years forward to see just how things have developed on the dangerous world that now plays home to a growing community. Despite having plenty in the way of science fiction in their publishing armoury, Image don't have many titles currently produced by a single creator and I'm excited to see where Garing pushes this new tale and how his art style has developed. In something of a weird twist I accidentally picked up Nova #2 having said I was going to pass on it a few weeks back - I'd included it in my pull-list for the purposes of writing On The Pull and then completely forgot to remove it when I sent my list over! So here I sit with Nova #3 sat in my list again and it is a firm lock for this week as I want to give it just one more chance to show me where it's going with the return of Richard Rider before I make a decisive choice about #4. The inclusion of Psychic Russian wonder-dog, Cosmo was definitely a plus point to #2, as was a return to the Celestial landscape of Knowhere, but I'll admit I uttered a tiny groan and rolled my eyes a little when Marvel UK creation, Deaths Head turned up at the end. I guess we'll see how all the pluses and minuses equal out tomorrow!

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