3 Jan 2017

On The Pull 04/01/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: Based on his work over the last 12 months with both creator-owned projects and the stories he's told within the Marvel Universe, Jeff Lemire is in pole position as far as I'm concerned when it comes to writing gigs (and we can extend that illustrative gigs too, based on After Death!). This of course means both Moon Knight #10 and Old Man Logan #16 will sit atop of my first pile of comics in 2017, the former delving into the fractured sanity of a vigilante, the latter focusing on the damaged survivor of an alternate timeline, trying to make his way in a new future, determined that mistakes he's witnessed before don't happen again. Another character that Lemire briefly made his own - Kate Bishop - makes a welcome second appearance in her own title (Hawkeye), the debut issue indicating that she no longer needs to share the limelight with Clint Barton. The Odinson continues to progress towards some sort of redemption (presumably) in Unworthy Thor #3, while Image has some stalwarts in the shape of Saga, Black Science and Autmanlands to round off this week's pull for me.

Stewart R: Top of my list this week would be Unworthy Thor #3. Aaron and Coipel have delivered more premium, epic-scale punch in the past two issues than any Marvel 'event' I've cast eyes over the past few years. The Odinson's fall from grace has left him a tested, fractured, vulnerable god, short of patience and quick to anger and he's all the more interesting for it. At another point of the visual spectrum would be Mike Del Mundo's work on Avengers which has dealt with the time dilation and disturbance of a Kang the Conqueror storyline in mindbogglingly claustrophobic fashion. I mean this as a positive as Del Mundo has managed to make white space appear encompassing and restrictive which is no easy feat and no common sight with the realm of comic books. I've been enjoying the way he and Mark Waid have been building this self-contained Avengers story and look forward to the new Wasp getting some of the limelight this week in #3. I will say that I've looked at the preview for Nova #2 and for a second did contemplate picking it up, but after the mediocre response I had to the debut I am in the mood to let the arc unfold, see what the reviews elsewhere say and maybe make a later gamble on the trade paperback.

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