24 Jan 2017

On The Pull 25/01/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Stewart R: The return of a Jennifer Walters title to my pull-list was not an expected thing. I honestly only picked up She-Hulk #1 of this latest volume on a sceptical whim and in very late-in-the-day fashion. I sit here now, on the eve of a new comic delivery day, incredibly excited to see what She-Hulk #2 has to offer as that debut was an incredibly strong introduction to this new, troubled chapter in Jen's life. Looking at the trauma and psychological damage taken by a hero who boasts near indestructible resilience in her powered form is a great hook in these event-heavy Marvel days. Nico Leon also offered up an interesting and varied aesthetic which really drummed home the impact of Jen's depression and anxiety and I'm excited to see what he has to offer as we get deeper into this fresh series. Meanwhile, in Valiant's universe, we'll be getting more of the interesting Communist turn of events as Divinity III: Stalinverse #2 comes into view and Ninjak continues his secret fight to return things to how they were. Matt Kindt has been doing one hell of a job with these four-part mini events and the 'What If?' nature of this rewriting of history brings with it an interesting sideways look at a corner of the current, 21st Century political landscape. With Trevor Hairsine and the art team knocking out premium grade illustration each and every time it really does make these Valiant projects an unmissable prospect.

Andy H: It seems to be all about the miniseries for me recently and that continues this week. We say goodbye to one and hello to two more. Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #6 is the final issue of the series and it's been a better read than I first expected. Joshua Williamson has crafted a decent tale. For the conclusion he's joined by artist Howard Porter, so definitely going out with a bang. Plus, I must sing it's praises for shipping on time. I'm quick to moan at the late shipping titles (rightly so, methinks), but this has shipped on its weekly schedule. A rare feat these days. Possibly taking it's place is Odyssey Of The Amazons. The story takes place before the birth of Wonder Woman so it could be an interesting insight into the Amazon world pre-WW. Slightly more tongue in cheek is Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 #1. The fantastically retro cover by Mike Allred alone makes me want to pick this title up. The Batman '66 titles over the last few years have all been pretty good so I would hope for more of the same here. Staying with Batman, it's Batman/TMNT Adventures #3. Honestly, this has been great. Really captures the magic of the Batman Animated Series and it's been a real who's who of the Batman universe with allies and villains popping up all over the place. Great fun. Jason Aaron continues his run on Star Wars #27 and the focus this time is on Yoda. The little green Jedi Master looks great in the hands of artist Salvador Larroca. Finally, we get the last hurrah of Civil War II. Written by Nick Spencer, Civil War II: Oath is an epilogue to the main event as Iron Man and Captain Marvel turn to the one person they can trust, Captain America.

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