19 Jan 2017

THE MINOR OPINION: Trailers For 2017

11 year-old James U is a big fan of comics so every once in a while we like to give you a break from the utterings of middle-aged men and allow him to tell you what's exciting him at the moment.

James U: Hello again fans and welcome to my review on all the cool comic book movie trailers out now.

Over the last few months I’ve watched trailers for Logan, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, Justice League, Wonder Woman and The Lego Batman Movie. I really like these types of trailers because as well as being really exciting they also tell a different type of story to the original comic books. Sometimes they can expand on what you already know about the comics too. I love it when I spot characters that I already know and love, like Aquaman in the Justice League trailer. Although the comics are obviously still better than the movies, period. Why? Because comics are awesome!

The best of all the trailers has to be the Lego Batman Trailer because of the comedy, although Logan is also very cool. It has a huge range of top Batman characters and it expands the Lego movie universe as well. Baby Groot running away with the bomb in the Guardians trailer is also very funny too and made me and Dad laugh when we watched it!
Watching trailers for comic book movies doesn’t really make me want to go and read more comics because I always want to read comics! It does make me want to read some comics I haven’t read yet though – like Old Man Logan by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven - but my Dad won’t let me because he says it’s not suitable. Ugh!

I personally can’t really pick just one favourite from all of the trailers, I want to see them all, but I hope that they all inspire fans new and old to see them and then hopefully pick up and read a comic book!

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