28 Feb 2017

On The Pull 01/03/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: So, what merry mayhem does March have in store for us? Well, first of all we say goodbye to an Image book. Nailbiter #30 brings this great series to its conclusion. Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson have done a great job mixing together elements of horror, intrigue and good old-fashioned detective drama. Why have so many serial killers come from one small town? This final issue promises to answer that question. This is a great example of how good Image are these days. Nailbiter was always going to be a finite series and Image allows the creators room to develop ideas and reach a satisfactory ending. What a great series, I'll be sad to see it end but glad it had the chance to get there. What to replace it with? Well, Jeff Lemire is back, writing and drawing Royal City. I won't go into detail about this as James R has already given it an advance review but suffice to say this looks like another winner from Lemire. Marvel give America Chavez her own series starting in America #1. Some may recognise her from the latest incarnation of the Ultimates but I really got hooked when she turned up in Young Avengers by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. A really likable character that deserves a turn in the spotlight. I'm not sure an ongoing series would last but as a miniseries this should work quite nicely. The 'Clone Conspiracy' is over but what does that mean for Spider-Man? Well, the Clone Conspiracy: Omega anthology one-shot will tie up some loose ends and open the door for the Scarlet Spider as Peter David returns to writing a Spider title for the first time in a while. Any one that knows me will know if Peter David is involved, I'm IN! Finally, after way too long, we have the return of Stuff Of Legend. This is what Toy Story would be like if directed by Tim Burton. The Boogeyman has kidnapped some children and it's up to the toys to save the day. Don't expect cute and fluffy. This is a dark tale, there have been losses, there are heroes, and you never know what's round the next, dark, corner. Worth checking out the previous series if you missed out.

Stewart R: Wowser, there's plenty of new stuff hitting the shelves this week! Andy has already mentioned Royal City #1 and James reviewed it, but of course it also lands on my pull-list being a full Jeff Lemire creation. Then there's Savage Things #1 from Justin Jordan (Spread, Dead Body Road) and Ibrahim Moustafa which looks like it'll be a terror delight of murder and mayhem as a former secret government project involving children trained as 'chaos agents' comes back to wreak havoc in the modern day. Jordan has a deft touch when it comes to violent thrillers and characters of ambiguous motive so I've high expectations for this one. On Marvel's side of things there's America #1 which now, rather interestingly, gets a release just weeks after the publisher announced a new drive to reaffirm the position of its original creations and move focus away from legacy characters. What that drive might mean for newer, original creations who start off as an unknown sales quantities will be interesting to see, but for now I'm more interested to see what this title has to offer, and as I addressed back in January's Ten Forward piece how it will compare to Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta's upcoming All-America Comix.

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