21 Feb 2017

On The Pull 22/02/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: If you been following us for long enough then no doubt you'll know that Greg Rucka's Lazarus is a series we consider to be amongst the best the comics medium can offer, ergo anything Rucka turns his hand to is an absolute must-buy. And so we come to The Old Guard, Rucka's new series for Image that looks at a group of immortal soldiers who now have to deal with the 21st century where secrets are much harder to keep. I'm still awaiting the return of Rucka's other Image series, Black Magick, but in the meantime I'm pretty confident The Old Guard will deliver the goods. The writer also has Wonder Woman #17 on the shelves this Wednesday, but as is often the case it's a combination of Image and Marvel taking up the majority of my pull-list, with the consistently excellent Descender and a sophomore issue of The Fix that hopefully delivers on the promise of the first arriving from Image, while Marvel has another chapter of the surprisingly great Captain America: Steve Rogers arriving alongside Jeff Lemire (also writer of Descender, of course) moving things forward in Thanos #4 with Mike Deodato providing some reliably stellar visuals once again.

Kenny J: If anyone out there missed out on the brilliant sci-fi saga that is Lazarus then this is your time to get on board a Greg Rucka title from the very beginning as this Wednesday sees the release of The Old Guard #1. This new comic, drawn by Leandro Fernandez, seems to be very much in the same style of the aforementioned book, with a tale of eponymous soldiers that cannot die and have the face the turmoil of the 21st Century. Greg Rucka’s stories are some of the best being written in any medium today so this is a must buy. The first issue of Curse Words was just the right amount of zany for me. Charles Soule has tailored the perfect tale to suit artist Ryan Browne, giving him many a vivid image to create in his over-the-top and imaginative style. This is just the kind of book that keeps me reading comics so I’ll definitely be picking up the sophomore issue this week. Another reason is books like Batgirl. Although I always enjoy Rafael Albuquerque’s art - and his work on Batgirl was no exception - I feel Christian Wildgoose’s pencils are more suitable for Hope Larson’s words as she continues to invoke the tone that had me picking this book in its last volume. I can’t see myself dropping it anytime soon so issue #8 will round out my trio of titles for this week.

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