20 Apr 2017


Matt C: Unless you've been skirting along the further reaches of the Outer Rim for the last month with no way to contact home then you're probably fully aware that over the next couple of weeks Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 debuts across the globe. And, if you're like us, you're probably massively excited to see this new chapter in the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe. Three years ago many saw the potential for the first Guardians Of The Galaxy to be the moment Marvel Studios' momentum would stutter, but not only did it deliver, it became one of the most loved additions to the multi-movie franchise. Predictions are that this latest film will do Avengers-level business at the box office and early word is that it's every bit as good as its predecessor.

So, in the the same vein as our 'Avengers Month' and our 'Captain America Month' from the last couple of years, we have a handful of articles ready to appear across the next week or so (we're compressing the timeline!) that involve us digging out some old Guardians-related comics to look at where the seeds of James Gunn's blockbusting movie series were originally sewn. Enjoy!

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