4 Apr 2017

On The Pull 05/04/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

James R: One title dominates my pull-list this week. Alan Moore's magnificent series Providence reaches its finale, thus bringing the curtain down on a world that he started developing in 1994 with the text version of The Courtyard. I have been working on an article about the series as a whole, and I'm waiting to absorb this final issue before writing some concluding remarks. I have continued to be surprised by how little critical attention this book has been getting, as it's arguably Moore's best work this century - if you've missed out on Providence, I cannot recommend getting it in trade enough. I'll also be picking up Jason Latour's new book Black Cloud. I love Latour's art in Southern Bastards, and I've been enjoying his script in Loose Ends, so a new title from him is a no-brainer for me. Set around a girl from a world of dreams who finds herself in the real world, this almost could be a reverse of Matt Kindt's Ether and I'm intrigued to see how it begins. Finally, from Marvel I'm picking up two titles. Firstly, there's the new issue of Jessica Jones - the first arc showed that Bendis and Gaydos still had the magic when it came to Alias Investigations, and Wednesday sees a new case for Jessica, juicily titled 'The Secrets of Maria Hill'. The second title is Star Wars; I have been a huge fan of Jason Aaron's work on this book, but the last story arc, featuring a bland Yoda tale, has made me think that this might be my last.. however, I like to think that I am one with the Force, and the Force is one with me, so maybe I'll stick with it for just a little longer.

Stewart R: I'll admit that I flipped out - negatively - a touch the other week when catching up on the Superman title because DC, in their infinite (crisis?) wisdom, had elected to split a story across multiple titles in a fashion they'd almost suggested they might leave behind with the welcoming of Rebirth. I seethed because I had no intention on increasing my purchases to catch all of the story and was there and then willing to burn my commitment to the book that Tomasi, Gleason and the rest of the artistic team had put great creative energies into. But, as they say, time can ease the bitterness and with Gleason back on the linework this Wednesday I find myself drawn to the 20th issue to see what might spring up next for Clark, Lois and John. Test me one more time DC, I swear... Haha! Aquaman has not tested my patience thankfully so I'll be 100% behind my purchase of Dan Abnett's 20th issue on that particular DC title. Over at Marvel I will be continuing for one further issue at least with Nova #5 as I'm still mildly interested to see where the Richard Rider story heads with his trip to the Cancerverse really leaving a mark. Meanwhile, after only one issue I'm going to pass on America #2. I found the debut to be a touch forceful in its approach and I've been left with no great itch to see what transpires in its sophomore effort.

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