9 Apr 2017

On The Pull 12/04/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: It appears to be a Marvel dominated week for my pull-list. Bit of an X-fest really. Firstly, we see two new X-books join the ranks, Weapon X #1 and X-Men: Blue #1. The original five (time-displaced) X-Men lead the way in Blue. This team has evolved differently after their stay in the 21st century. Where Cyclops was team leader in the past, a much more confident and stronger Jean Grey now takes that role. A further twist for these young X-Men is that Magneto is their new mentor. Could lead to some interesting situations. While I'm still not convinced this team should still be in the present, I am convinced that Cullen Bunn can create a tale worth reading. Weapon X concentrates on the darker characters of the X-world, the ones that don't mind getting their hands dirty. With Greg Pak as writer and Greg Land on art this should, hopefully, be a regular addition to my pull. Old Man Logan #21 is the start of the end, well, for writer Jeff Lemire anyway. He's off to concentrate on his creator-owned work but he's leaving us in style as Logan relives past moments of his life, starting in the 1800s. Who doesn't love a good time-travel story? Lemire's run has been critically acclaimed and I think he will be missed on this title. Walt Simonson, a long standing favourite of mine, returns with Ragnarok #12, the concluding issue of the second arc. While the gaps between issues can be big, it's always more than worth the wait for the next chapter of this Norse saga. One of Image's recent big hitters returns with Seven To Eternity #5. Rick Remender and Jerome Opena always bring the best out in each other so I'm glad to dee this series is back. Finally, P. Craig Russell continues the comic adaptation of American Gods. I was a bit on the fence with the debut issue but still liked it enough to pick up the second.

Matt C: Like Andy, it's a bit of an X-week for me, and I'm really hoping one of the new books (X-Men: Blue #1 and Weapon X #1) delivers because I haven't exactly been bowled over by this relaunch so far. Prime #1 and Gold #1 were fine but at this stage of the game, is 'fine' really the best I should hope for? It's been a long while since X-Men comics played a major role in my regular reading, and while part of me wonders whether that ship has sailed, another part of me really wants to engage with the ongoing mutant soap opera again. If it doesn't work I can still connect with that section of the Marvel Universe on a smaller, more singular scale thanks to Old Man Logan (although that may not be for much longer once Jeff Lemire jumps off). It really has been a fantastic take on the most ubiquitous of characters and a solid reminder of all the reasons why he remains so popular without resorting to one-dimensional slicing and dicing. Shifting over to creator-owned stuff, it's the return of Seven To Eternity that warrants the attention. It took a couple of issues, but once it all clicked it showed yet again that not only is Rick Remender a master at world-building but also that when paired with Jerome Opena he can produce real comic book magic.

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