25 Apr 2017

On The Pull 26/04/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

James R: Following an embarrassment of riches for me last week, April signs off with a fistful of heavy-hitters from Image. First and foremost is the welcome return of Jonathan Hickman's majestic Black Monday Murders. When it debuted, this title focused on the power of money as a magical force, but in increasingly turbulent political times it feels like a book about today too. Hadrian's Wall reaches issue #6, and whereas I don't love it like I did C.O.W.L., it's one of the best SF books being published today, and I'm looking forward to seeing Rod Reis' latest '80s-infused view of the galaxy. This week also sees the continuation of two series from the Gotham Central alumni of Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka. Rucka's Old Guard reaches it's third chapter, and thus far the story of nigh-immortal warriors has been a blast to read - I'm confident this issue will be more of the same. Brubaker and Sean Phillips bring us the next installment of Kill Or Be Killed. The story of vigilante Dylan Cross has become even more ambitious and brilliant as it's progressed, and this will be the book I delve into first when I pick up my pull-list. Finally, there's Jason Latour's Loose Ends making sure my crime fix for the week is fully sated. Another good week then, and whatever you're picking up - happy reading!

Jo S: It's looking to be a busy week for me, to the point where I've excised anything new from my pull-list to make space for series I'm already into. Scrapping feistily for the top spot in my ‘most eagerly anticipated’ are Old Guard #3 and Rocket Raccoon #5. I loved the first issue of Old Guard right away, with its daring artwork and layouts, and I'm looking forward to properly meeting the newly introduced near-immortal and seeing what new places she takes the story to. With the release of  Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 on Friday, Rocket has GOT to be in my pull this week and I'll be making sure I've read that before heading out to opening night! Supergirl: Being Super #2 appealed to me more that #1, with some serious peril and a mysterious problem with Kara’s powers pushing up the ante, so I'm hoping #3 will extend that arc, as I found #1 a bit bland character-wise. I've been enjoying the Hulk series and I have a soft spot for this as one of the first series I started as a fledgling comic book follower this year. In recent issues I've missed the cute little details that made the first chapter really light up for me (the cookery show in the background, the need for a step to see the too-high mirror) so I'm hoping some of these little quirks will reappear soon. Elektra #3 is on my list by the skin of its teeth this week - I was underwhelmed by the eerie lack of detail in the first issue and bemused by the new characters in the second - maybe the third will suddenly click for me? I'll give it a shot but if it doesn't inspire this time I think that might make a space for something else. And finally, of course, like any healthy gal I need a little Man-Thing in my life - worth it just for the innuendo alone but the first couple of issues have been entertaining and the backup stories aren't just filler either; both have been amusing little modern gothic distractions.

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