2 May 2017

On The Pull 03/05/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: After a near tidal wave of new releases over the last couple of weeks (I still haven't got through them all!) I'm extremely glad I'll only be taking a handful of titles home this Wednesday. It's Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, so that could factor into things, or maybe it's just a case where it's one of those weeks when hardly any of the books I get are released, but either way, my bank account is pleased! Top of the pile is The Damned #1 from Oni Press. There was a miniseries way back in 2006, a sequel in 2008, and then writer Cullen Bunn and artist Brian Hurtt went on to work on their supernatural western, The Sixth Gun. With the conclusion of that series last year they've come back to their excellent Prohibition-era gangsters and demons tale for a new ongoing book, and with a one dollar introductory price I guess you could say it's a jumping on point, so go ahead, jump on! The other biggie is, of course, Secret Empire #1, and I'm all down with this 'Hydra Cap takes over the world' plotline. It's been smart and weirdly prescient so far, and it's an event book I can really get behind (and those are few and far between). In the 'It's A Quiet Week' category comes Black Bolt #1. Writer Saladin Ahmed is an unknown to me, but Christian Ward's psychedelic visuals have caught my eye on more than one occasion so I'm wondering if this will be one of those out-of-the-spotlight Marvel titles that has more of a critical impact than a sales one. If it's not, I have Hawkeye #6 and Jessica Jones #8 as back-up!

Kenny J: I’m not really a fan of the fantasy genre but introduce me to a book created by Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna, the duo behind Alex + Ada, and I’m in. Eternal Empire is just such a book. How their intimate style of storytelling will translate to the centuries old conflict remains to be seen but this is a story I want to be invested in from the beginning. As the Wildstorm imprint sits under the watchful eye of Warren Ellis at DC in a quirk of publishing rights, Image is dropping a new Youngblood book this week. I remember first coming across Rob Liefield’s band of young heroes in a WildC.A.T.s comic but now the universe they inhabited exists elsewhere I’m looking forward to reading what Chad Bowers has got in store for Shaft and his team. In the week that sees Volume 2 of Marvel Studios’ film iteration of their popular space heroes it would be remiss of the comics arm to not be releasing a related title. All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy is that book, boasting the line-up of characters that not only populates the aforementioned movie but also Abnett and Lanning’s acclaimed series. Although each of the Guardians seems to be going through some self-reflection in this title they are still the troublemaking pirates we know as they attempt to escape not only the Collector but the Grandmaster as well.

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