16 May 2017

On The Pull 17/05/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: Marvel's controversial summer event, Secret Empire, returns for its sophomore installment (or third if you count the #0 issue, or fourth if you count the FCBD issue), and while the likes of Bleeding Cool seem to be getting their feathers ruffled by its very existence, I'm thoroughly enjoying this dark, reflective view of a fascist America ruled by a corrupted Sentinel of Liberty. Joining writer Nick Spencer here is Paradoscar-winning artist Andrea Sorrentino, who's been on fire recently in the pages of Old Man Logan and will no doubt be bring his A-game to this series. We know everything will work out okay in the end (it always does, more or less) but if we can't revel in our heroes being put through the wringer then we're kind of missing the point somewhere along the way! Marvel also have another chapter of the reliable Mighty Thor, while Nick Fury #2 also makes an appearance, hopefully matching the eye-popping visuals of the debut. Image have the latest entry in one of Rick Remender's impressive world-building creations, Low #18, Jeff Lemire's Royal City #3, as well as the penultimate episode of the post-apocalyptic The Few. Slim pickings from DC for me as usual, and The Wild Storm #4 will have its work cut out convincing me it'll turn into something more than Warren Ellis on autopilot.

Stewart R: This week has to be all about 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #4 for me. The release schedule is a little hard to take - Issue #3 came out the week before Christmas in 2016! - but such is the quality of Matthew Rosenberg's writing that each wait between chapters hasn't had a devastating impact on the read as you can occasionally find with other time stressed titles. The central conceit of four, young school friends attempting to rob a bank so that one of their fathers doesn't have to remains a great hook and Rosenberg's penchant for witty dialogue amongst the coming-of-age dramas ensures that each read has elicited audible laughter from me. Elsewhere this week there are plenty of highlights with Dan Abnett continuing his fine work on Aquaman #23, Donny Cates continue to escalate things in his southern tale of deity-infused danger in God Country #5 and Rick Remender plumbing the depths of the future oceans with his story of hope and loss in Low #18.

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