6 Jun 2017

On The Pull 07/06/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. Click here for a list of the latest releases.

Andy H: June kicks off with the long awaited finales of two miniseries. First up is Dark Knight III: The Master Race #9. The first issue landed in our grubby paws in November 2015 and was set for an eight-issue run. Along the way it kind of got sidetracked and the issue count increased to nine. Now don't get me wrong, this has been a good series and I'm looking forward to the conclusion, I just wish I hadn't had to wait a year and a half for it! Andy Kubert's art has looked great throughout and the story has been pretty solid, so at last we get to see if Batman can save the day from an army of Kryptonians. Second and less surprising that it's late is Mark Millar's Reborn #6. Along with Greg Capullo, he's created a fascinating universe and again, despite the long wait, this is another book I'm looking forward to reading the conclusion to. Moving away from endings, there is a new beginning for everyone's favourite black-suited villain in Darth Vader #1. This time writer Charles Soule looks at the early years of Vader as the story picks up from when Anakin Skywalker, or what's left of him, dons the familiar look that will strike fear into Rebels across the galaxy! X-Men: Gold #5 continues to try and win over a lot of us lapsed X-fans. It's great to see so many familiar faces and now we get the return of a classic X-foe in the shape of a Sentinel. It still hasn't won me over fully but I'm enjoying it enough to stick with it. Finally, just to mess with my head, we have Injection #13. Well, you can never go to far wrong with a bit of Warren Ellis on you pull-list.

Jo S: The first pass of my pull-list this week stood at a mighty seventeen books, so the major task was to edit it down into something I wouldn't have to hide the receipt for… The result is that all of my choices this week are solidly confident ones. Marvel supplies four of my first June batch; All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #3 for the chuckles, X-Men: Gold #5 for the action, Black Bolt #2 for the artistically Escheresque stylings and Hawkeye #7 for sheer exuberance and those cheeky little clues scattered about. Redline is on my list again: the dark humour in this tale of insurgency in a Martian mining operation keeps me coming back; if you’ve seen District 9, you'll have a feel for the atmosphere of this. Three issue #1s top the pile: the fan of classic science fiction in me couldn't let Dynamite’s Magnus go uninvestigated. A story of the uneasy co-existence of AI with humans, leading to a murder mystery; this appears to have my name all over it. Donny Cates’ new title Babyteeth caught my attention in Previews a while back: the concept of a sixteen year-old, furiously pregnant with the antichrist, appealed to me. My final choice is, naturally, a Wonder Woman comic: I'm picking up Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1. I was a little uncomfortable with the way this relationship was handled in the Wonder Woman movie and I'm interested to see if there's a credible story that can be made of the partnership between a demigoddess and a human man.

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