27 Jun 2017

On The Pull 28/06/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. Click here for a list of the latest releases.

Andy H: With all the new X-titles that have been coming out recently I had my eyes on certain books but was surprised by the one that actually grabbed me. Jean Grey by Dennis Hopeless turned out to be a real winner. Great characterisation, well paced story and the promise of more to come. Issue #3 has Jean heading to Atlantis to find a way to avoid any Phoenix possession. Is Namor really the person to ask? A top X-book and a delight to read. Looney Tunes month at DC has been providing decent reads as well and this week the two I've been waiting for hit the shelves. Batman meets Elmer Fudd and Jonah Hex meets Yosemite Sam! Jonah Hex has long been a favourite of mine and the idea of him being the bodyguard of the mighty moustachioed hombre that is Yosemite Sam is just too good to miss. Plus a great cover by Mark Texeira as added incentive. Returning to the pull-list after a Wonder Woman shaped hiatus are Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott with Black Magick #6. The first five issues were a treat, so I'm expecting more of the same from this top creative team. Finally, I return to Marvel for Secret Empire #5. Not sure what more I can say about this series that hasn't been said before but even though I'm not a regular Captain America reader this has been a must read from the start.

Jo S: Firing up the pull-list engine this Wednesday for me is a fairly eclectic mix of new and ongoing. With my regular books thankfully a little thinner on the ground this week than in the last few, I'm making space for three first issues, starting with Secret Weapons #1 from Valiant. This caught my eye as it’s written by Eric Heisserer, screenwriter for Arrival; the movie intrigued me and I enjoyed the complexity and the engagement of the story, and the way it played with the nature of communication and memory, so I'm hoping Heisserer brings these to the comic book medium. I wrote about Clue #1 in my first submission for Ten Forward: is it really possible to convert a boardgame as classic as Clue(do) into a sustainable comic book series? Apparently, different covers enclose a variable ending - sounds a little gimmicky to me, but watch this space. Beautiful Canvas caught my attention for the title alone initially, and then sealed the deal with the promise of a tale of a hitman (hitwoman?) who goes on the run, taking her last mark with her to save him from those who would kill him. For the shelf neatly labelled ‘ongoing’ this week I’ll be snagging Ted Naifeh’s Heroines #2 - the first was a bit of a provocative read, uncomfortably poking at instances of casual sexism and prodding at those who would seek to hinder the process of gender equality. I'm hoping it doesn't get to be too preachy but again, we'll see. Supergirl: Being Super #4 brings this high-quality little series to a close - it has really grown on me since the rather too lightweight first issue. The last batch are a 3×#3 arrangement: Redneck, Jean Grey and my exquisite favourite, Eleanor And The Egret are all making it to *that* point, although Redneck is on probation for me  - it'll need to do something that takes the story off the well worn ‘vampires don’t make great neighbours’ tropes if it's going to be in my list next time.

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