4 Jul 2017

On The Pull 05/07/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. Click here for a list of the latest releases.

Matt C: Remember Jupiter's Legacy, Vol 2 from Image? Remember that the series didn't actually finish? You'd be forgiven if you didn't as it's been eight months since the last issue came out, and if you can recall what happened in that one then you're in a better position than me! Clearly it's Frank Quitely behind the delay as Mark Millar doesn't appear to have any problem cranking out scripts, but I guess when you bear witness to the quality of Quitely's artwork, moaning about the wait seems churlish. It's a fine series, it just may require re-reading to enable the narrative impact to coexist alongside the visual one. Where it goes following the conclusion of this miniseries isn't clear, but unless it's a totally cataclysmic finale I think there's more mileage in the concept. Image also have Seven To Eternity #7, which isn't actually the last issue, although that would have worked pretty nicely, what with the name and all. It's a 'guest artist' issue, and as Jerome Opena's illustrations have been a major selling point of the series it'll be interesting to see how this particular instalment turns out. Some high quality Marvel titles appear this Wednesday, some of the best the House of Ideas currently have on offer: Jessica Jones #10, Hawkeye #8 and - yes! - Nick Fury #4! Have I told you about Nick Fury yet? It's offering a brilliant succession of done-in-ones that have some of the most extraordinarily eye-popping artwork you'll see in a mainstream comic book this year. Unless the first three issues have been flukes, this is a genuine buzz book as far as I'm concerned.

Jo S: My pull-list is start to tick over nicely now as I get to know better what rings my comics bell, as it were, and this week’s shortlist has me tightly wound with anticipation. Two new titles for me: Lady Mechanika: Clockwork Assassin #1 to check the box on my list marked ‘I say, old chum, is that steampunk?!’ and Sacred Creatures #1, which I took a look at for Ten Forward recently, and which is a ginormous 66 pages fer yer $5 investment - hopefully it'll be worth it. A horror tinge permeates my order this week in the form of Unsound #2 from the apparently manic Cullen Bunn - man, that guy's keeping busy - and Babyteeth #2, whose demonic debut pushed positive buttons for me. I'm sticking with Black Bolt #3 and Nick Fury #4 for the design style - very different from each other but both with an architecture built around complex artwork. I'm still enjoying the PC-free zone that is Redline; and Hawkeye, now reaching issue #8, is consistently sharp and accurate. Like a politician in a tight spot, All New Guardians Of The Galaxy has so far kept answering questions with more questions but the wit and pace keeps it fresh.

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