11 Jul 2017

On The Pull 12/07/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. Click here for a list of the latest releases.

Tom P: The top of my pull-list this week is definitely Deadly Class #29. We recently ranked it number one in our Top 15 Current Comics and I think it deserves its place there as it really is terrific. Kill or be Killed #10 promises to be another great issue. It's so consistently brilliant I'm in danger of taking it for granted. I'm also excited to read Spider-Men II #1, the debut issue in a five-part series from Marvel. The first Spider-Men series was a real triumph. It packed an emotional punch and proved a fitting epitaph to the Ultimate Spider-Man series which at the time had seen the death of Peter Parker and the rise of Miles Morales as that universe's new webslinger. The 616 Peter essentially found himself in the Ultimate Universe seeing a life that could have been and giving Miles his blessing. A lot has changed since then and now, but it was powerful stuff so I'm keen to see if Brian Michael Bendis and the talented Sara Pichelli can do all it again.

Jo S: In an effort to tame my growing list, I've had to take the shears to this week’s selection, but pruning it down turned out to be more of a job than expected. No new green leaves for me this week - a set of what may turn out to be could-have-beens were trimmed away, leaving growing room for series which are strong and sturdy for me already. Mighty immovable oaks for me this Wednesday are Hulk #8: I wasn't so keen on #7 as the previous story as the art lacked some of the wit and detail seen before but the writing is still great; Godshaper #4, funky, clever and inventive; and the engrossing Grass Kings #5: each episode pulls me deeper into the world of the Grass Kingdom and this is refusing to loosen its grip on me. The Marvel garden is blooming lushly currently - this week I'll also be returning to the quirkiness of Weapon X, the emotional grab of Jean Grey and the crackling comic pace of Secret Warriors. Every garden needs a little rain, so I'll add Black Cloud #4 - this is my Tenuous Title of the Week but I'm giving it that one last go. Finally the squirming, fly-blown compost heap that is Regression #3, a horror whodunnit with gruesome graphics; the last issue finished with plenty of questions and even more creepy crawlies - well, a garden’s not a garden without a few bugs.

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