18 Jul 2017

On The Pull 19/07/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. Click here for a list of the latest releases. 

James R: After a few lean weeks, my pull-list is reassuringly back to being Biblically fat. First and foremost are the two new releases from my favourite creative force in monthly comics (FACT!). The genius of Jeff Lemire brings us the latest chapter in the flawless Royal City, and with Dustin Nguyen, the next installment of the galactic epic, Descender. Those two alone would make my week, but there's lots more: I missed out on the first issue of Magnus, but having seen the error of my ways, I'll be picking up the second issue of Kyle Higgins and Jorge Fornes smart re-imagining of Magnus, Robot Fighter (Or; Magnus, Robot Therapist to be more precise...). From Dark Horse, Matt Kindt's full fathom murder mystery continues this week, and Dept. H is always a welcome addition to my weekly pull. It's also a rare pick-up from DC too, with the irregular Warren Ellis reboot The Wild Storm reaching issue #6 (is there any other kind of Ellis series though?!) An oddity from our July Previews trawl also gets released this week: Time And Vine, the wine-tasting, time travel hybrid, about which I still can't decide if it's going to be brilliant or awful - however, I will certainly share my thoughts on issue #1 in our reviews on Sunday. It's also the final issue in the latest series of Britannia, and I've really enjoyed this sword, sandals and sorcery epic. I'm hoping Peter Milligan brings detective Antonius Axia back for another case soon. Last, and never ever least, it's the first Lazarus fill-in issue - Lazarus X+66. Even though it's not the continuation of the Forever Carlyle saga, any Lazarus is better than no Lazarus at all, and hey! It's Greg Rucka, so it's guaranteed to be great. A corking week for me then, I hope everybody else has an equally bumper crop to look forward to!

Andy H: At first glance of this week's offerings I thought it was going to be a quiet week, then I had a second look and discovered all the new titles that were sneaking onto my pull-list. So first up, it's more merry mutant mayhem as Astonishing X-Men #1 shoehorns its way into my crowded X-pile. I've waited a fair while for a return to form for the X-books and so far I've not been disappointed. I just wish Marvel would drop the twice a month shipping because if Astonishing is good, something will have to go! With more familiar faces returning and with Charles Soule and Jim Cheung on board this should be a corker and that means I'll need to make room for it. Mighty Thor #21 means more 'new' Ultimate Thor and at the moment Jason Aaron is making this book an unmissable read. Also unmissable is Secret Empire and issue #6 has more Leinil Francis Yu art to add to the many number of reasons to pick this title up. Moving away from all this superhero action it's time for a slightly slower pace as Bettie Page #1 reveals untold tales of the 1950s 'Queen of Pinups'. What more can be revealed about this iconic model? I'll get back to you on that one. Sons Of Anarchy writer Kurt Sutter is back with what could easily be called a 'nuns with guns' series but I think Sisters Of Sorrow will offer more than that. Four women run a shelter by day but at night it's all bad habits as they hunt down violent abusers, dispensing deadly justice while dressed as nuns. So, er, nuns with guns basically! Wow, another glorious mix of comic madness to look forward to.

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