1 Aug 2017

On The Pull 02/08/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. Click here for a list of the latest releases. 

Andy H: A few newbies and some old favourites make my pull list this week. The first of Marvel's Generations is out, as Banner Hulk & The Totally Awesome Hulk team up. Regular Hulk writer Greg Pak messes about with time travel to get the Green Goliath gruesome twosome to meet. Will this be a battle royale or will they be brothers in arms? One thing is for sure: Hulk smash! Star Trek: Waypoint has been a surprising hit for me. Short tales from the Star Trek universe, this issue features Nurse Chapel questioning her future and a second tale featuring Captain Kirk. Written by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko I'd expect another enjoyable romp through the stars. Ever wondered what really happened to Amelia Earhart? Copperhead writer Jay Faerber has the inside scoop, and tells how the aviator was transported to a world of fantasy in Elsewhere #1. Well, I knew it had to be something like that. More fantasy to enjoy as Fables writer, Bill Willingham, launches Lark's Killer #1. This time it's a young runaway that is transported to a world of magic and dragons. Willingham has a good track record with this genre so I'm looking forward to it. Giant Days reaches the heady heights of issue #29 and still has me hooked. Proof you don't always need superheroes or aliens to crank out a great comic book. Finally I'll leave you with the team-up that was inevitable. Yep, Grumpy Cat/Garfield #1 is out this week. Not sure what to say about this but I will have a look; just don't tell anyone else, we'll keep it our little secret.

Jo S: An extravagant 50% of my list this week is handed over to some interesting looking issues #1, since it's school holidays and I'm able to use my time a little more as I wish. From my earlier Ten Forward research, I'm lining up Mech Cadet Yu for the giant robot stuff and Elsewhere, a fantasy re-imagining of the fate of Amelia Earhart. Rewriting the history of a real person in a magical context feels like slightly iffy territory for me so I'm hoping the writing is strong enough to feel respectful as well as narratively exciting. My gambles this week are Ghost Station Zero (the Atomic Blonde movie seems to be pulling some interest on Twitter and this story from its writer, Anthony Johnston, looks action-packed), Dead of Winter (aw, it’s about a DOG HERO who fights ZOMBIES) and Spiritus (more rogue robots, yes, I know what I like!). I'm increasingly drawn to series which advertise their limited run from the start: perhaps this is a sign of commitment-phobia, but I suspect I'm happier to take a chance on a fling with something with limited familiarity if it's a ‘#1 (of 5)’, such as Spiritus or the Stained series (now onto issue #4), than something with no pedigree that might roll on for ages, forcing the need for a messy break-up. The last four this week are all Marvel-lous: All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #7 (really? #7 already?), Black Bolt #4 (it's a bit weird but I like it), Hawkeye #9 and the glorious Nick Fury, now into #5; I think this takes ‘Most Anticipated’ this week.

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