8 Aug 2017

On The Pull 09/08/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. Click here for a list of the latest releases.

Matt C: The Vision, arguably the best miniseries released by either of the Big Two in 2016, saw Tom King take a character that never quite achieved A-list status and provide a story that was both profound and moving, singling the writer out as a name to watch for the future. Which would have been enough, but King also scripted arguably the second best miniseries released by either of the Big Two in 2016, The Sheriff Of Babylon, a complex, gripping look at the shifting political landscape in post-war Iraq during the early noughties. The latter series was wonderfully illustrated by Mitch Gerads, so when word came down that King and Gerads were teaming up again to take on a DC character that never quite achieved A-list status, I was all in. Mister Miracle #1 has a significant weight of expectation attached then, because of the aforementioned but also because it's one of those crazy/brilliant Jack Kirby creations from the early '70s when he jumped ship to DC, and it's rare for any creative team to find a firm handle on how to make them connect to a modern audience (aside from Darkseid). But, unsurprisingly, I'm hugely optimistic about this series, and anyone who missed out on The Vision and The Sheriff Of Babylon first time around should get on Mister Miracle at the ground level. Obviously there's other stuff out too (Kill Or Be Killed #11! Secret Empire #8!) but Mister Miracle is where the focus needs to be this Wednesday.

Jo S: The school holidays render my job a little less fast paced currently, allowing me the luxury of a lush crop of goodies this week. Marvel keep me coming back for the good stuff week after week: as well as Hulk #9, Jean Grey #5, Secret Empire #8 and, my current favourite, Secret Warriors #5, I'm also going to give Inhumans: Once And Future Kings #1 a go. I've been enjoying Black Bolt more than I expected to, and feel as if I should perhaps give the Inhumans a bit more of a crack at entertaining me - and yes, the Lockjaw backup story might have a little to do with it too. Sacred Creatures #2 will be make or break for me - the substantial first issue was complex and had great artwork to go with it, but I'm thoroughly confused by the story so far and hoping that I'm feeling a bit more enlightened with the second. A couple of issues #1 grace the list too: I'm giving Mister Miracle, or Scott Free, a try along with Shadow #1; not knowing a great deal about either, a little homework is in order for me! Babyteeth #3 and Unsound #3 (I must have bought enough comics to fund at least a wing of Cullen Bunn’s mansion by now) fulfill the horror quota for and I shall be, at least in my mind, rolling in the green majesty of Grass Kings #6 - gosh that series is good! “But wait, Jo!” I hear you cry; “Where are the robots? There are always robots!” Never fear; I'm getting my fix with my newest favourite sarcasti-bot, in the Star Wars Rogue One: Cassian & K2SO Special #1.

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