13 Sept 2017

On The Pull 13/09/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. Click here for a list of the latest releases.

Jo S: With the long month of August well and truly gone, marking the end of a season where comic releases were a little more spread out, I’m find myself head down in a barrel of issues this week and fighting to reduce my pull-list from a gigantic twenty in the first cut to a tightly honed list that still hits a total of fourteen (don’t tell Mr S or he’ll be cutting my housekeeping). So what’s my grocery allowance going towards this week? Well, the big reliable staples of Weapon X, Secret Warriors and Hulk are a given, and the exquisite Grass Kings rolls into a new arc, making it the single book that would sustain me this week if I could have nothing else. A cluster of second issues follows these: I’m really excited about the joyful Cinderella-with-giant-robots tale that is Mech Cadet Yu, Mister Miracle (which made an immense start) and Shadow #2 (I’m hoping that the inspired gimmick used in the first issue was not a one-off and that this series continues to be so intelligently written). The books with the least secure spots on my list are the second Dark Nights: Metal - I wasn’t as delighted by the first as I perhaps set myself up to be but I’ll give the second the benefit of a low bar for now - and Sheena #1. The issue #0 was a bit of fun, but that’s easy to say at a 25¢ cover price; I suspect that at full price there’s just not going to be enough substance to it. Some welcome regulars in the form of Damned and Sacred Creatures, along with the voracious Babyteeth, help me get my gothic on, and I’ll round up with a single new series: there were several issues #1 I could have taken this week but I had to be ruthless - only Comixtribe’s Sink #1, a gritty tale of the criminal underbelly of a Glaswegian estate, made the cut, as feels like it might an antidote to the sugary American diet of much of my list otherwise.

Matt C: Mister Miracle #2. DC's promotional machine may be pushing another title this Wednesday (which I'm skipping after a lacklustre debut) but this new Tom King/Mitch Gerads joint is where it's at. You've got a premium creative team (see: Sheriff Of Babylon) doing something that is respectful but not afraid of the Kirby legacy; you can have all the events you want but you need stuff like this to inject vitality into fictional universes that have been percolating for decades. And moving away from the Big Two, then what's the best that comics can offer this week? Kill Or Be Killed #12. It's actually pretty much the best comics can offer any week, being quite an extraordinary example of how searingly essential the medium can be. There's other stuff on my list (honorable mention: Secret Empire: Omega #1) but these two books are the easy highlights.

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