26 Sept 2017

On The Pull 27/09/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. Click here for a list of the latest releases.

Matt C: Holy heck! I'll be honest and admit I don't really know what Marvel Legacy #1 is really all about but what I do know is that, alongside the likes of Odin and an earlier incarnation of the Phoenix, it's got Ghost Rider ON A MAMMOTH! I think Jason Aaron is the only writer who could pull of an idea as audacious (and faintly ludicrous) as an Avengers team in 1,000,000 years BC, and adding Esad Ribic on visuals means you have guaranteed my attention. I'm pretty sure it's not all set a million years in the past, but that's the concept I'm sold on, especially if it features a flaming-skulled mammoth-riding prehistoric superhero! And if that's not enough Jason Aaron for your weekly fix, he's also got another instalment of Southern Bastards with the excellent illustrative assistance from another Jason, Mr Latour, ready for purchasing this Wednesday. Not being left out of the double whammy duties, Greg Rucka has both Black Magick #8 and Lazarus X+66 #3 to keep us distracted. Rising star Kyle Higgins has just one book out, Nightwing: The New Order #2, but it's a great 'Elseworlds' spin on a future DC, and well worth checking out if you're looking for something free of continuity.

Jo S: I’ll kick off this week’s list with a couple of new series: Fu Jitsu first, from Aftershock, looks like a whacky history lesson à la Mr. Peabody & Sherman, featuring the ageless world’s smartest boy exiling himself to Antarctica to get over his lost love - but unable to escape his nemesis, the world’s tallest man! As a counterpoint to what seems quite a light-hearted start is Malefic from Devils Due: described as a gothic cocktail with a twist of wry, this tale of a therapist in an asylum for paranormal neurotics was an outsider, but bumped up my list with its ‘#1 (Of 8)’ tag - I have to admit the foreknowledge of a limited run does help a new comic onto my list. The downside of this phenomenon is the bittersweet closure of a series I’ve really loved: the engrossing, enthralling, delightful blend of whimsy, jazz and personal gods that is Godshaper draws to a close with issue #6 this week and I will be restless to find something that gets me so fired up to replace it. Also at issue #6 this week are Redneck and Nick Fury; I’ve raved at length about the latter and always look forward to Aco’s astonishing art; his cover for this issue is near as dammit to perfect for me.

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