17 Oct 2017

On The Pull 18/10/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. Click here for a list of the latest releases.

James R: My pull-list this week has three outstanding titles: firstly, there's Sherlock Frankenstein &The Legion of Evil. It's a mouthful of a title, but a mouth-watering one too - this is the spin-off from the amazing Black Hammer. Any book by Jeff Lemire is a must-read for me and, illustrated by the great David Rubin, this one is very much at the top of my list. Secondly, there's Kill Or Be Killed from the dynamic duo of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. This deft vigilante tale has yet to hit an off-note, and I love a book that I know will be brilliant before I've even turned the cover. The third book has been the unexpected gem of the year  - Magnus from Kyle Higgins and Jorge Fornés. This book has excelled with every issue, and it's my sincere hope that this miniseries isn't the last we see of the cyberpunk-flavoured reimagining of Magnus. I'm also excited that this week sees another chapter in Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen's space epic Descender. This title continues to twist and turn in the best way, and certainly scratches my science fiction itch. I'm also picking up Batman again - following some fantastic issues, Tom King has totally won me over to his take on Gotham, and having Bruce Wayne engaged to Selina Kyle has given this title a new impetus. Finally there's the latest installment of Warren Ellis' reimagining, The Wild Storm. And I must make a geek confession to you all - I missed an issue of this a while back, and while I'm tracking that back issue down, I'm not reading on. Still, when I do, it's nice to know I've got a sizeable slab of Warren Ellis greatness to look forward to! 

Tom P: It's all about one title for me this week, Mighty Thor #700. The gorgeous wraparound cover sees the series returns to its original numbering. I don't read many Marvel books nowadays but the various Thor books under Aaron haven't left my pull-list. He's done a wonderful and original job with the God of Thunder. A massive part of its success is definitely his and Russell Dauterman's excellent work with Jane Foster. If this is to be the beginning of the end with this character I hope it'll deliver the send-off she deserves. We all knew it wouldn't last forever but it's been one brilliant ride. The only other must-buy for me will be Kill Or Be Killed #13. You all know how good that is, right? No? Well what are you doing? Order the trades and catch up - treat yourself!

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