7 Nov 2017

On The Pull 08/11/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. Click here for a list of the latest releases.

Matt C: I don't want to state the obvious and tell you that Mister Miracle is likely to be the best thing you read this week (even if you're not reading it - work that out!) but instead use this opportunity to highlight something I'm not unconditionally convinced is going to be awesome and instead have high hopes for. And so we turn to Port Of Earth #1, a series that takes the idea that aliens didn't invade or come in peace but turned up with a business proposition, trading advanced tech so the Earth could host a spaceport. That's a great concept, and even though I'm not too familiar with the creator's past efforts, they've caught my attention with this one. I'm quite interested in Moon Knight #188; the previous volume, penned by Jeff Lemire, was excellent, and while I have no expectations that this renumbered relaunch will be able to match that, there's an element that has me a little bit excited. No, it's not that it's scripted by Max Bemis, frontman of Say Anything (meh), it's the chap in charge of illustrative duties, Jacen Burrows, who's been Avatar Press' secret weapon for many years and, as far as I'm aware, hasn't ventured into the mainstream before now. He's worked with some of the greats - Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis and, of course, Alan Moore - so there must be something about this new Marc Spector adventure to pull him into a bigger spotlight, right? Oh, and did I tell you Mister Miracle #4 is out this week...

Jo S: Ah yes… this time last month I picked up a hunk of issue #1s and now they’re coming back for the next slice! What do all the twos add up to then? Well, I’ll see the second issue of Eugenic, to find out where this miracle-cure-turned-horror-show tale is going, and Sink #2, hoping to get a better picture of what’s going on in the dark of a rough Scottish city sink estate. I liked the revamped Ragman #1 and really loved the retro style and faded Las Vegas glam of Slots - that’s going to the end of the pack in ‘read and savour’ position. A couple of fresh starts will be glinting in the undergrowth: Sean Lewis’ work on The Few was a real standout for me this year so I’m going to try his new series Coyotes; he’s working with new artist Caitlin Yarsky, on a tale of war between wolves, the women they hunt and the detective trying to crack this mythic case. The minimal art in The Few has really made a big impression on me so hoping that Yarsky turns out to be a good foil for Lewis’ pen. My second issue #1 is Port Of Earth, which I covered for the Shipping Forecast: I love a big ol’ dose of sci-fi and hope this one soothes the cravings. Having discovered Matt Rosenberg this year just as he was becoming Marvel’s version of Cullen Bunn (that guy’s everywhere!), I was kicking myself for missing his 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank when it started, so will be grabbing the trade paperback with both hands. I like the way Rosenberg ticks; his timing and wit are second to none for me currently and, since this seems to be the work he’s most proud of, it seems only respectful to indulge.

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