28 Nov 2017

On The Pull 29/11/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: Something a little different to start things off this week. This little miniseries caught my eye in Previews, and even though it's 2017, who doesn't want to see Nazis being hunted down and thwarted (and maybe punched in the face)? Chasing Hitler began as a Kickstarter project and now arrives ready for those of us who prefer the old-fashioned method of comic book consumption. The spiel goes "Two Allied servicemen are tasked with verifying Hitler's death. When they can't, the chase begins!", and that a very convincing sell for me! The other highlight is Batman: Creature Of The Night #1 by Kurt Busiek and John Paul Leon. Their previous collaboration in the same vein was Superman: Secret Identity, which remains one of the best Superman tales I've ever read, so I'm very eager to see that approach applied to the Dark Knight. Image make a significant dent on my pull-list (Black Magick #9, Kill Or Be Killed #14, Lazarus X+66 #5, Manifest Destiny #32) while Marvel have two for me take home: Moon Knight #189 and Old Man Logan #31. It was an impressive start to Max Bemis and Jacen Burrows' run on Moon Knight last month, so I'm keen to see them dig further into the madness of Marc Spector's world, while Old Man Logan offers another opportunity to see Mike Deodato killing it on art duties.

Jo S: A little Muppet Magic kicks off my list this week - Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: 2017 Special looks like a sweet treat with a little something for everyone to enjoy. I’m of that age where Labyrinth was a source of wonder for me: I didn’t totally get it, but Bowie’s weird magnetism had a lasting effect and Jim Henson’s creations are imbued with nostalgia for me. I’m looking forward to Sacred Creatures #5 - this is such a substantial creation: it’s a real overlooked gem in my eyes and worth every bit of its slightly higher price tag. I’m also picking up Malefic #3 - the first two arrived together for me and had just the right tasty blend of drama and horror for me to want to see more. Issue #1s to catch my eye were a little thin on the ground this week, so I’m down to a dainty five books, rounded off with Jean Grey #9 and my beloved Secret Warriors #9. I guess I shall have to use the extra time on my hands to get my now 11-month old comic collection into some semblance of order! 

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