16 Nov 2017

THE MINOR OPINION: Dark Nights: Metal

11 year-old James U is a big fan of comics so every once in a while we like to give you a break from the utterings of middle-aged men and allow him to tell you what's exciting him at the moment.

James U: Hi. It’s James here again and I’m back to talk about DC’s Dark Nights: Metal, the new Batman-based crossover that I’ve really been enjoying.

I’ve been enjoying it a lot for two main reasons. The main one is the return of my favourite creative team to Batman – the mighty Snyder and Capullo! But the second reason is the concept of the Dark Knights themselves. I feel as though rather than being just villains they are actually heroes who were just tortured mentally into taking the wrong path. Give them a chance and maybe they could still yet become heroes!

Although Scott Snyder is the main creator behind the story I think it was a good call bringing in other talented writers and artists for the one-shots – especially Grant Morrison for next year’s Wild Hunt! I’ve really enjoyed some of the spin-off creative teams and I would single out Williamson, Di Giandomenico, Humphries and Van Sciver for their excellent work.

The spin-offs in general have given a very interesting view of the Knights (they remind me a bit of the New 52 'Villains' one-shots from a few years ago but without 3D covers), although I haven’t been as impressed with the 'Gotham Resistance' crossover issues – they just haven’t grabbed me in the same way. I also think DC should do a Barbatos one-shot. Come on, Scott, just do it!

My favourite part of the whole story so far has been from Metal #2. It’s the part where the Dark Knights first come through the portal (with the cool Robins first) proudly boasting “I’m Bruce Wayne, but not the one you know!” I think this shows again that even the greatest of heroes could become a villain eventually under enough pressure.

I was going to decide which was the strongest part of Metal, the writing or the art, but I really can’t choose between the awesome script by the godly Scott Snyder and the fantastic art which follows off it, such as the cool metal horns that Capullo puts in each issue! Instead I’m going to finish with my prediction of how Metal will finally end. The Knights are Bruce’s deepest fears so maybe, if they kill Bruce, the Knights will die too. Then, once they destroy the Dark Multiverse, they could travel back in time, grab an earlier Bruce, bring him forward and restore his memories – again!

Thanks for reading!

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