27 Nov 2017

The Paradoscars 2017 - Final Week Of Voting!

It's the final week of voting for the Paradoscars 2017. There's been a lot of voting activity so far but we still want to make one more concerted effort to grab as many additional votes as we can before the time comes to tot them all up (voting will end on 30th November).

At the time of writing some of these categories are still up for grabs. Looking at the vote tally at the moment, while there are a few clear winners emerging, for the most part it remains a close race.

We anticipate the announcement of the winners to be at some point on the 16th December. As usual, a tipsy PCG will congregate in a local restaurant where everything will be revealed, and the results will appear here shortly afterwards.

In the mean time, if you haven't done so already, please take this opportunity to vote in the 18 categories linked below. It's a cliché to say this, but every vote really does count!

Click here for the first six categories (including Best Ongoing Series and Best Cover)...

...and here for the second round of categories (including Best Writer and Best Publisher)...

...and here for the final set of categories (including Best Character and Best Adaptation).

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