5 Dec 2017

On The Pull 06/12/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: Due to a shipping delay I won't be able to include Spider-Man: Venom Inc Alpha or Captain America #696 on this week's pull. Thankfully, still plenty of good reading to be had, starting off with Batman: White Knight #3. This Elseworlds-style tale has been a riot, with Sean Murphy turning the life of Gotham's protector upside down. Murphy's has always been good but his Batman is a feast for the eyes and something that means this issue will go straight to the top of the 'to read' pile. Still on a Batman vibe, sort of, is Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #3. Really didn't know what to expect from this title but after last issue's magic and mayhem and the consequences for the leading ladies this is proving a fun ride. As a bonus you never quite know which guest star from the Bat-world will turn up. Returning to the pull-list after a long hiatus is Witchblade. This is not the return of Sara Pezzini though, as the Witchblade has a new host and a new creative team. Caitlin Kittredge and Roberta Ingranata make sure this is a welcome return of an old Image favourite. Star Trek: Next Generation - Mirror Broken #5 is the penultimate issue of this Mirror Universe miniseries. Scott and David Tipton have done a top job of reworking all the regular characters and thrown in several more familiar faces. The art has varied: at times it's almost photo realistic but now and again it does hit the odd duff note - but not enough to stop me enjoying this intergalactic romp. Finally, if you missed it the first time, Shirtless Bear Fighter is out in a collected format. This was my miniseries of the year and was seriously funny and had me chuckling away on almost every page.

Jo S: : It’s #3, #2, #1 GO! for me this week, with my countdown beginning with Batman: White Knight #3; the first couple of these intrigued me with their topsy-turvy Gotham and I’m keen to see more of our trans-ethical leads. #2 is Gravediggers Union: this kicked off really well last month, establishing characters I warmed to in an alternative history narrative. The top spot goes to Barbarella #1 - a double kick of nostalgia is underlying my choice here: every self-respecting Duran Duran fan should know that their name comes from Barbarella’s bad guy, and ought to have seen Jane Fonda in this truly weird sci-fi classic, plus the cover of this first issue has our heroine sporting a Britney-style glossy red catsuit - or maybe Britney was wearing a Barbarella-style catsuit in ‘Oops! I Did It Again’... hmm, must research further! Topping up with a few reliable standards, I’m also picking up Black Bolt #8 and Guardians of the Galaxy #148, plus Hawkeye #13. Kelly Thompson just doesn’t seem capable of winding a story down - this has been a deadshot bullseye every time and with, y’know, ‘other’ Hawkeye appearing in this one, it’s surely going to hit between the eyes again.

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