13 Feb 2018

On The Pull 14/02/2017

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: Love is in the air, everywhere I look around. What is this love I speak of? It's a love of comics! If there ever comes a Wednesday where I can't find anything worth buying and reading, something will have gone wrong (and it'll be something wrong with me - there's ALWAYS comics worth buying and reading, I despair when people say otherwise). As with most weeks it appears, Kill Or Be Killed will be the highlight. As strong as it ever was, and as unpredictable too - every time you think you've got its number, it does something to totally wrongfoot you. Lazarus: X+66 comes to an end this week; it's been a fine miniseries, expanding on the world of Lazarus in essential ways, but its ending means that the series proper will be storming back to our pull-lists very soon. Oh, there's a new Kick-Ass series from Image too, but I feel the law of diminishing returns set in with that concept some time ago, so I'll sit this one out. Marvel have a couple of things of interest incoming, but it's Marvel 2-In-One #3 that will be the first one I go to. Why? Because it's full of warmth, humour and emotion (and action, of course!) and it's the nearest we have to a Fantastic Four book for the time being - I LOVE Marvel's First Family! See, when you come down to it, it's going to be all about love on the 14th. Valentine's what?

Jo S: My bank account relaxes in its corset a tad this week, after last week’s somewhat eye-watering pull-list, but there are still riches aplenty to be luxuriated in. Just one new cover in my line-up: I caught an introductory sample of Cold War #1 last month, having skipped past it in Previews, but Hayden Sherman’s unmistakable artwork, which so entranced me in last year’s The Few, sprang out and caught me in its snare. The story, of citizens who chose cryogenic freezing in order to be awoken in a future, better life but find themselves press-ganged into military service, seems very familiar - I’m hoping that’s not a bad sign and that this will tickle my sci-fi fancy rather than feel like too many stories told before. And talking of captivating art, Grass Kings remains one of my most looked-forward-to books. The story was blown wide open at the end of the last arc and I will struggle to apply my ‘best until last’ rule when this has me so anticipatory. Angelic is a secure favourite for me - the story reached a stunning revelation at the end of the last issue and I’m looking forward to seeing how Qora handles the crashing together of worlds and the demolition of all her fellow monks have believed in for generations. The charming, elegant, flamboyantly sexy Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini sashays in for a third issue - gosh, only the third? Cynthia Von Buhler is running the whole show with this and her passion for the titular character is richly rendered throughout this story - it’s curtains for Houdini and Minky knows there’s more to his death than meets the eye. What could be a better Valentine’s gift than a stack of rich, delicious comic books? Well, maybe a stack of comic books and a nice glass of red. I’m a girl of simple pleasures!

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