20 Feb 2018

On The Pull 21/02/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: Wow. It's time for Mighty Thor #704 and I just don't know if I'm emotionally up to it. Jason Aaron's run has been of the highest standard from day one but the 'Death Of The Mighty Thor' storyline has reached new heights. It's an emotional rollercoaster, I tell you! The destruction that Mangog has been dishing out on Asgardia is one thing but the fate of Jane Foster has been really devastating. She's so capable as Thor and so strong in her mortal form, it's hard to see her succumb to her illness. Terrific writing. Unlike Kick-Ass (last week), Hit-Girl #1 features the original character, back to doing what she does best, which is generally violent and bloody. Artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz joins writer Mark Millar as Mindy heads to Colombia. I'm looking forward to seeing how the new artist slips into the rather big shoes of John Romita Jr. Still looking for a title to fill the Vertigo-shaped hole in my life, it's back to BOOM! Studios and Punks Not Dead #1, featuring the ghost of a long dead punk rocker called Sid. Trapped for 40 years in Heathrow airport, the spirit of Sid is freed when he meets 15 year-old Fergie. There must be a movie coming out as Infinity Countdown Prime #1 sees the return of the Infinity Stones to the Marvel Universe, plus it has got some great Mike Deodato Jr art to look forward to as well.

Jo S: Although it's numbered as #102 of 5 and is the third in the series, Tales Of Suspense is absolutely No. 1 on my list this week - the mystery deepens as Clint and Bucky pursue Black Widow’s legacy of assassination and intrigue, and with Matt Rosenberg at the helm, this has been a sure favourite for me so far. Also out of the Marvel stable this week is the fifth and final episode in the Deadpool Vs Old Man Logan series: I love the pace and humour here - every good comic needs his straight man and Logan is the perfect foil for Wade’s perennial clowning. Two issue #1s grace the list this week - I'm giving the new Hit-Girl series a one-issue audition first: this isn't a character I'm particularly familiar with but, personally, she was the only part of the Kick-Ass franchise I would keep, so will give the comic book version a try. Oddly, I think this will be my first Mark Millar comic too. I'm also giving Titan’s new series Bloodborne a go, solely because it has the mighty Aleš Kot on writing duties - the historic epidemic-and-gore theme doesn't immediately have me hooked but Kot is a talent to be reckoned with so happy to suspend judgement until I see where he goes with the premise. The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson made a good start last time so I'm coming back for issue #2, similarly Ice Cream Man, which I thought I might step off as ACO will not be on art duties this time, but which had such a tempting-looking cover, I was drawn back in - this could prove to be moreish! While we're talking comics at issue #2, my final pick this week is Vinegar Teeth. One of those comics you hope no one will ask you to describe in too much detail, the first of these was so quirkily bonkers I simply have to see where it goes next.

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