6 Mar 2018

On The Pull 07/03/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

James R: This week, I'm most excited by the start of Marvel's Infinity Countdown... nah, just kidding! There's one book dominating my attention this week - Jeff Lemire's new series Gideon Falls. I'm well known round these parts for being the biggest fan of the Canadian creative powerhouse, and this new series, featuring art from his regular collaborator Andrea Sorrentino (Old Man Logan and Green Arrow) is the title I've been most looking forward to this year. Beyond that, Image also has two other titles I'm excited by: one an old favourite - East Of West - and one another new release: Oblivion Song. The former is truly one of the most epic titles I've ever read, and it's become such a fixture on my pull-list, I now can't imagine life without it. The latter is the new book from Robert Kirkman, with art by Lorenzo De Felici - a tale concerning 300,000 people in Philadelphia being lost to the mysterious 'oblivion', and a man who refuses to give up on them. I love a good post-apocalyptic tale, and I'm always going to give a series by a creator of Kirkman's calibre a look. Over at DC, Tom King's majestic Batman run continues with the second chapter of the 'Everybody Loves Ivy' arc, and even though I've missed an issue of Warren Ellis' The Wild Storm, I'll be picking the next issue up in anticipation of an epic read when I finally locate the missing chapter (perils of fanboy life!). I'll also pick up the next issue of Batman: White Knight, which has looked beautiful (as you'd expect from Sean Murphy) even though the plot has left me cold. Nevertheless, as a dutiful reader, I'll be seeing this one through to the end.

Jo S: My first pass of this week's new releases hauled an astonishing, remortgage-requiring list of 25 possibles, and so my remaining 13 have some work to do to justify their spot. This is very much my Marvel week of the month, with over half my picks being from the House of Ideas: Hawkeye and She-Hulk have been cornerstones of my pull since the start and there's a double hit of bitter-sweet joy incoming as both these series come to an end with this week's issue. Kelly Thompson and Mariko Tamaki respectively have forged ahead with these characters, taking them from 'girl-versions' to complete independence and I will miss both very much. Marvel keep adding must-haves though, such as Waid and Samnee’s run on Captain America, plus Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward dazzling me every time with the gloriously peculiar Black Bolt - you should definitely be reading that. Batman: White Knight is on shaky ground - this series made a great start but I haven't found myself rushing to read this one as the storyline has snarled up a bit for me, but this is issue #6 of #8, so I guess I'm sticking it out until the end. Just two new series made the cut in this stiff competition: Robert Kirkman is the main draw to Oblivion Song, wherein modern day Philadelphia has been plucked out of our dimension and switched with a very alien alternative which looks, from the sample art, like an explosion in a bubble gum factory. Whether bug-eyed monsters and a be-caped interdimensional hero are enough incentive to keep a new long-form story in my list in this mad first week of the month remains to be proven but Kirkman’s presence commands it be given a shot. The very much anticipated Gideon Falls is my final pick: as if the Lemire-Sorrentino team-up wasn't enough to make this a three line whip, the first issue has a picture map on the cover - and I do love a map!

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