13 Mar 2018

On The Pull 14/03/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Jo S: I'm playing catch up this week; I skipped the first issue of VS as my list was a bit long that week, but hearing James R wax lyrical about it recently changed my mind, so I'm going to pick up a spare issue #1 and take #2 at the same time. It sounds as if it will tick the sci-fi boxes for me in a way that Cold War didn't quite manage. The insanely gruesome Malefic #5 also makes the cut - it's definitely not for everyone, and absolutely not for the squeamish, but has just enough dark humour to keep my revulsion at bay. If I had to pick just a single comic for this week and drop everything else, the consistently beautiful, intrigue-packed Grass Kings, now reaching #13, would likely put up a dirty, bare-knuckled fight, but even this would be no match for the hands-down best romance I have ever read, in the form of Mister Miracle. We learned at the end of the last issue that a tiny Scott or not-quite-so-big Barda is on the way: how will these orphans, raised through the strangest of childhoods, cope with their own impending parenthood? My anticipation for these grows with every issue. New Mutants: Dead Souls wouldn't usually find a space in my list, but as I mentioned in our Shipping Forecast for this month, Matt Rosenberg writing a ragtag team of heroes is just too tempting for me to miss, especially knowing that Magik, whom Rosenberg writes with adorable grumpiness, gets a plum role. Finally, a shout-out for Joe Benitez’s current work of steampunk-lovin’ passion: the Legenderry version of Red Sonja is not to everyone’s taste but is very much to mine. Snappy dialogue, classy-but-brassy outfits and some stiletto-sharp fight scenes in issue #1 mean that the second in the series takes its chainmail bikini-clad spot this week.

Andy H: It's a Chip Zdarsky double bill this week as Marvel 2-In-One #4 and Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #301 come crashing into my pull-list. In Marvel 2-In-One Johnny and Ben continue their search for the missing half of the Fantastic Four. No Jim Cheung this issue (though I believe he will be back), so it's up to Valerio Schiti to fill those pretty impressive shoes. Peter Parker has been a firm favourite thanks mainly to the great dialogue from Zdarsky. After the events of issue #300, Peter, J Jonah Jameson and Teresa are sent back in time. I can't wait to see how Jameson copes with it all, always a character you can rely on for some great rants. Still with Marvel, we have New Mutants: Dead Souls #1. It's the return of some familiar faces as Magik, Wolfsbane, Rictor, Boom-Boom and Strong Guy take on paranormal threats. Writer Matthew Rosenberg gets his hands on some of my favourite characters and the art of Adam Gorham gives the series a real indie vibe. The more I think about it the more I'm looking forward to this miniseries. More paranormal goings on can be found in Infidel #1, a five part miniseries from Image. An intriguing idea, as a group of multi-ethnic neighbours move into a haunted building that feeds off xenophobia, this takes the old haunted house and gives it a 21st century twist.

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