8 May 2018

On The Pull 09/05/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: Free Comic Book Day 2018 has been and gone (already looking forward to 2019 though) so it's back to the more sedate weekly pull and a cracking start to it as well! Southern Bastards #20 is due and it's the final part of the 'Gut Check' arc. The series has been oft delayed but it never diminishes my excitement when I see the next issue is due. When we left issue #19 things weren't looking too good for Coach Boss but I'd never count this man out! Another final part is reached, as Batman: White Knight #8 brings the series to a close. Lots of twists and turns during the eight issue run and I hope it concludes in a satisfying manner. The art of Sean Murphy has been sublime throughout. The next chapter of Hunt For Wolverine begins in Adamantium Agenda #1 featuring Wolvie's New Avengers teammates: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Over at DC, if you need someone to mess up the timeline then your go-to hero is the Flash. In Flash #46, Wally West is beginning to remember fragments from his past as we start the 'Road to Flash War'. It's unlikely to end well. Finally I'll end on a graphic novel. Beasts Of Burden has long been one of my favourite reads. The single issues are hard to find and it has only been available, collected, in a hardcover edition until now. Written by Evan Dorkin, with beautiful painted artwork by Jill Thompson, it's a fabulous read. A battle to save the town of Burden from supernatural forces is fought by a group of cats and dogs. It's about friendship and courage, horror and fear and so much more. I'll definitely be reading it again.

Jo S: After the excitement of Free Comic Book Day this week, top of my list has to be the first couple of issues of Barrier. Vaughan and Martin’s FCBD introduction was both spare and intriguing and the sudden swerve at the end demands my further attention. DC Nation #0 wasn’t technically a FCBD book, but at 25¢ it’s close enough to a freebie to be included in the conversation and, as a result of reading this introduction to the four hero teams of Mystery, Wonder, Wisdom and Entropy, I’m trying Justice League: No Justice #1, where heroes and former villains are forced to team up to defeat a terrifying danger. With a one week overlap, this could be the replacement for Batman: White Knight which has had some high spots in the seven of eight issues so far, but hasn’t totally transfixed me. Marvel are certainly bringing the fun this week with Exiles, Domino, Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man and my new favourite, New Mutants: Dead Souls to keep that post-Bank Holiday smile shining. Finally, I reread the second issue of Oblivion Song this week to collect a few details into longer-term memory and now I find myself looking forward with great anticipation to the third issue. Aside from the monstery, sci-fi aspects, I found the ethical questions this touched on interesting - what should public money be used to fund? Should a life be saved, if possible, at any cost? This is the aspect which has me coming back for issue #3.

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