26 Jun 2018

On The Pull 27/06/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: Jamie Madrox was just a good supporting character for many years until that fateful day that writer Peter David moulded him into a leading man; possibly not your conventional leading man but a leading man nonetheless. Over time, and through the excellent pages of X-Factor, Madrox became a firm favourite of mine. I lost touch with him recently; apparently he died but this is comics and you can't keep a good mutant down. Multiple Man #1 is written by current hot writer Matthew Rosenberg, a writer I believe can (hopefully) capture the magic of the Peter David days. I have high hopes for this miniseries and look forward to getting reacquainted with Jamie. After a fair wait, the final chapter of Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard's Wild's End is here, appropriately titled Journey's End. Sadly, this isn't coming out in comic form but going straight to trade paperback but it's not the end of the world, although it could well be for the heroes of the piece. When we last left them, the Martian invaders had secured a pretty devastating hold on the Earth. It's up to our anthropomorphic heroes to save the day but I fear this will not be without great sacrifice. This series has kept me on the edge of my seat as Abnett makes it clear, no-one is safe in this 'War of the World'! Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #306 brings Spidey and his friends back to the present day but will they be able to stop the Vedomi? Great writing mixes high adventure with snappy dialogue and a good old fashioned dose of Spider-Man fun. Thor #2 continues the return of Odinson as Thor and brings along Balder, Skurge and Loki for the ride. I'm still not convinced that Michael Del Mundo is the right choice for artist but that could be because Russell Dauterman left such big shoes to fill: still a great read, though. Finally, just for fun, I will look at Charlie's Angels #1. Really not sure how this will work, look or make sense, but John Layman is a good writer and probably the right choice for something as quirky as this.

Jo S: A number of my regular orders hit the tarmac and roar off into a glorious setting sun this week. I've stuck at it with the psychotically disturbed ramblings of Malefic, though it has stalled occasionally, and I will wave it off with a feeling akin to the relief one has of coming home after a holiday: ‘Well, that was very exciting but I need a little rest now’. Similarly Motherlands closes down this week - this has been inventive and twisty, although following well-trodden paths, but six issues is just about right for me and the wrap-up of this story has been in preparation for a couple of issues, I feel. I will be most sad to say a fond farewell and kiss the hand of the fabulous Legenderry Red Sonja: with steampunkin’ pirates and glamorous nemeses, this has been such a lot of fun, with gorgeous artwork peppered with those teeny little details I love so much. Literary mass in the form of the third installment of Haldeman’s Forever Free weighs its corner of my pull-list down securely: the second issue worked better than the first for me and I hope the trajectory continues thus. A single new series tidies up the set: Marvel’s new Multiple Man #1 has Jamie Madrox in some kind of Schrödinger’s cat arrangement requiring him to save the world, make peace with the X-Men and prevent himself from causing his own death (again) - it sounds complicated and crazy, both of which work for me, but then, how could I not? Matt Rosenberg’s name on the cover is my current cast-iron guarantee of quality entertainment, so this is a slam dunk for me.

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