3 Jul 2018

On The Pull 04/07/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

James R: This week, I'm dusting down the tuxedo, looking at the gift registry, hoping there's something affordable I can buy, and ready to impress Poison Ivy on the dancefloor as - by thunder! - it's the Batman/Catwoman wedding issue! Tom King has been building to this for the last eighteen issues, and if King is good to his word in claiming that he had 100 issues of Batman planned, then this issue represents the halfway point and the pivot for everything that follows. As with things like the death of Superman and the 'unmasking' of Spider-Man in Civil War, this is one of those comic events that really crosses into the mainstream culture, and I can't wait to see what King and Mikel Janin cook up for Bruce and Selina's big day. Speaking of Selina Kyle, if Batman #50 wasn't exciting enough for a Bat-fan, then this week also sees the relaunch of the Catwoman solo book, written and illustrated by Joëlle Jones. I picked this one out in our Shipping Forecast for July, and I'm still excited about it - I feel this is a great fit of creator and character and I hope it's the start of a long run from Jones. Wednesday also sees the third chapter of Scott Snyder's corking Justice League. It's been years since I was excited by the idea of a JL book, and I'm enjoying it's unashamedly widescreen, blockbuster feel. Over at Marvel, it's a landmark week too, as Ta-Nehisi Coates begins his tenure as Captain America writer. Coates has established himself as one of the essential voices in modern comics following his work on Black Panther and, given the political and social turmoil in America currently, this feels like the perfect man on the perfect title at the perfect time. Since Ed Brubaker's phenomenal run, I've found Captain America to be a disappointing and bland title; something tells me that Coates and artist Lenil Francis Yu will be bringing us a book that's explosive in many ways. Last, but by no means least, I'm eager to pick up the latest instalment in the Black Hammer universe from my favourite, Jeff Lemire. The Quantum Age gives us Lemire's take on the Legion Of Superheroes, illustrated by Wilfredo Torres - the preview of this book on Free Comic Book Day was great, and I'm sure this book will continue the same great standard established by Sherlock Frankenstein and Doctor Star. It's a landmark week in a lot of ways then, and as always, I hope that whatever you're picking up, the week ahead brings you some comics gems.

Andy H: I think this week's top of the pile award should go to Immortal Hulk #2. The first issue left a lasting impression on me which has meant I need to know more and I need to know now! There's something mildly unnerving about this incarnation of not just the Hulk but Banner as well. That first appearance of the Green Goliath in issue #1 was just page-fillingly good and that last page? Awesome. I'm hoping Al Ewing and Joe Bennett can continue to take this title in new and surprising directions. Well, it's the big wedding this week (after several other big weddings recently) but it's not Batman #50 that takes the second spot on my pull-list. Oh no, that accolade goes to Catwoman #1. Writer-artist  Joëlle Jones first made an impact on me with Lady Killer, a brutally gorgeous book from Dark Horse. She's made quite a name for herself since with her art on Batman and now she's cracking the whip over on Catwoman and I can't wait to see what she has in store for Selina. Doesn't look like she'll have much time for a honeymoon as she tracks down a copycat thief while avoiding the GCPD. What would Bruce say? Meanwhile, back at Marvel, Matthew Rosenberg and Greg Land are the new creative team on Astonishing X-Men #13 and they give us a new look X group featuring Havok, Beast, Dazzler, Warpath and Colossus. On paper this looks great, they're all X-Men I like and while I dip in and out of X-books this should definitely see me in again, for now at least. Joe Hills' The Cape is back as Jason Ciaramella and Zach Howard return to explore what happened when Eric, the cape's wearer, disappeared for three days. The original series was fantastic and the idea of adding this new act to it is intriguing; I can't believe it's been about seven years since that first series.

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