10 Jul 2018

On The Pull 11/07/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Jo S: Marvel provides half my pull-list this week, with a mixture of old favourites and short series capped with one of my three issue #1s. I really enjoyed Mariko Tamaki’s writing on Hulk - she brought the right blend of strength and sensitivity to Jen Walters with some nice touches of humour, so I’m going to give X-23 #1 a try in the hopes that Tamaki can bring the same skills to Laura Kinney. Quicksilver: No Surrender has been unusual and inventive in the first two issues and, as with New Mutants: Dead Souls, extra-tempting at the moment with an advertised short run. Beyond the House of Ideas, Oblivion Song is really starting to ramp up as Nathan Cole is reunited with his brother, venturing further from the shifted section of Philadelphia and into the depths of Oblivion, and I’ll be devouring my copy of The Dead Hand #4 at speed - this story of the tiny remote town where the Cold War seems never to have ended has twisted and turned enthrallingly so far. Two further issue #1s complete the list: I previewed She Could Fly and I’m looking forward to this different angle on the superhero classic - the unknown heroine appears to have vanished from the start, before anyone could get to know who she was, leaving the role of leading character to a curious superfan. Finally, I’ll wrap up with something a little gruesome, a little grotesque, a little gross… Image’s Farmhand is cultivated by Rob Guillory (of Chew fame) and promises a tale of a farm where replacement body parts are the cash crop - but something dark is growing below the fields of green thumbs, fingers, livers and kidneys!

Matt C: Turns out this week is going to be, as they say in the business, a 'quiet one'. I have a resounding two titles on my pull-list! She Can Fly #1 sounds like it may offer an interesting spin on the superhero paradigm where a brief display of superpowers ends as quickly at it began, leaving a mystery to be solved. It springs forth from the mind of Christopher Cantwell, one of the guys behind the TV's Halt And Catch Fire (another on the endless list of shows I need to get around to watching). Also on Wednesday is the fourth instalment of The Dead Hand, a contemporary thriller seeped in Cold War paranoia that features some of the best cliffhanger endings of recent times. And that's it. I'm semi-tempted by Amazing Spider-Man #1, but I'm not convinced I need a Spider-Man comic in my life right now. So what else is there? Perhaps it's time to highlight Marvel's excellent True Believers initiative where they reprint some pivotal issues from the Marvel Universe stretching back through the decades, each for the princely sum of $1.00. With the imminent return of the Fantastic Four, the House of Ideas is using the opportunity to put out some FF reprints under the True Believers banner, and this week you can pick up the first ever appearance of Doctor Doom, a face-off between Galactus and the High Evolutionary, a Hulk/Thing smackdown, and a reprint of the original Marvel Two-In-One #1. Bargain prices for pieces of comic book history, generally far cheaper than sourcing the original issues, and a good method of getting younger readers into some classic comic book storytelling too!

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