4 Sept 2018

On The Pull 05/09/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: Just over three years ago I was fortunate enough to pick up Giant Days #1 and it was love at first sight. Giant Days #42 is out this week and the love has not diminished - just ask my poor suffering fellow PCGers, as I regularly have it as my book of the month and practically try to read them the whole issue! Susan, Daisy, Esther and their wonderful supporting cast have me enthralled month in, month out. Writer John Allinson keeps the story lines flowing effortlessly and is a master at peppering the pages with pop culture references. Artist Max Sarin brings the characters to life and every page is a joy to behold. While I'm not a regular reader of Batman - yes, I know how good it is at the moment! - I will be picking up Batman #54. Tom King is still writing but this issue he is joined by artist Matt Wagner. Matt is no stranger to Batman and has an artistic style I really like so it will be great to see him back with the Bat, even for one issue. The Dreaming #1 gets the ball rolling as we return to some familiar territory from Vertigo: we learned in the pages of Sandman Universe #1 that Dream was missing and Lucien was struggling in the library. Will the realm survive? I'm sure writer Simon Spurrier will make this an intriguing read. Immortal Hulk #5 continues Al Ewing's 'darker' take on the not so jolly green giant. I've really been enjoying this run; it has great stories and is full of atmosphere. Finally, even though I probably shouldn't, I'll be picking up Asgardians Of The Galaxy #1. It's got a cool Dale Keown cover! Throg, the mighty frog of thunder! The original Valkyrie! And Angela, Thor's half sister! I haven't got as far as to see what the plot is but sometimes you just have to dive in and see where it takes you.

Jo S: Decisions, decisions… The first pull-list of September has me in a quandary for several reasons: the returning school term is going to be a frantic one for me, but instead of giving me a simple list of favourite no-brainer choices, I'm faced up with a first pass list of 15 which has dropped to nine under painful and ruthless pruning. There are a few of those unmissables: Quicksilver: No Surrender and Ant-Man And The Wasp both come to their conclusions this week, and both have been interesting in their own way, the former with its distinctive spare loneliness and the latter an adventure through the possibilities of exploring the new rules of a universe so tiny that all our experience of physics becomes bent out of shape. Also unmissable is The Dead Hand, whose decades-old secret is becoming a terrifying risk in the modern day, and Death Of The Inhumans; the first two issues of this were cruelly dramatic - I'm forming a bond with the Midnight King and his people but I fear Donny Cates will not have good news for me any time soon. I'm breaking my (admittedly flimsy) rule of trying to take just one new series a week twice over this week: Asgardians Of The Galaxy was one of my Shipping Forecast picks for this month, and should be some light-hearted fun with some less familiar Marvel folks, and for my last two I've gone with a couple of almost ‘meta-comics’. War Bears, by Margaret Attwood and artist Ken Steacy, is the story of a comic book story; anti-Nazi heroine Oursonette traces the history of the Golden Age of comics, and Bendis’ third Jinxworld release in a few weeks is an absolutely necessary collaboration with David Mack. I have a feeling that Cover, with its story of an international network of comic book creators recruited to an intelligence agency, is going to be something really rather special.

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