16 Oct 2018

On The Pull 17/10/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: A Bendis twofer from DC to leads things off this week. Pearl has established itself fairly powerfully with it's opening two issues, so I'm confident the third instalment will keep the same level of quality going, but Cover now has the task of convincing us there's something really strong behind the wish-fulfilment premise with its second issue. If either of those disappoint then I know Batman #57 will make up for it; it's now so reliably excellent that I open issues with confidence rather than hope. In the same vein, Gideon Falls #7 drops from Image, another book where brilliance is now expected, and disappointment is as rare as hen's teeth. Also from Image is East Of West #39, a series that still possesses an immense lure but should have perhaps reached its final act before now. Thor #6 stays in the future with All-Father Thor mixing it up with Old Man Phoenix; it's fine, if not up to the standard of the Jane Foster storyline and, while the art on the relaunch has turned some off, I'm sticking around for the lead up to the recently announced War Of The Realms event (which also sees Russell Dauterman's return to art duties). In the True Believers corner, we're being asked What If the Alien Costume had Possessed Spider-Man? and What If Fantastic Four Had Not Gained Their Powers? Important questions to be sure, and if you don't own the original comics then the stupidly cheap price for each of these issues should be too hard to pass up!

Jo S: Oh my, there are TREATS in store this week - my pull -list is studded with much-looked-forward-to gems. It's timely that in the week when I'm starting to think about my nominations for the Paradoscars, the peerless Gideon Falls begins a new arc. It's hard to imagine how this could match the first arc (and even more of a stretch to see how Sorrentino’s visuals will be matched in the promised TV adaptation) but I'll be fidgeting furiously until I can lay my hands on this on Wednesday. Batman #57 is on my list too - the utter horror on the faces of my PCG colleagues when I suggested #56 wasn’t quite as good as previous issues is a picture which will stay with me but, come on, King can't keep this standard up forever; he's not superhuman… or is he?! A difference of opinion also arose regarding the first Cemetery Beach, and I found myself glad that I've yet to develop the cynicism of more experienced  Warren Ellis readers - the first episode was patchy but I enjoyed the smart humour and the cracking pace, and I'm hoping Ellis doesn't out my optimism as naivety by failing to follow this path to a natural end. I can't find it in my heart to choose between two new starters this week: Shuri stole my heart in the Black Panther movie and the comics surrounding its release, and I can't ignore a science-girl leading character so her new solo book is a lock for me and, remaining with the science theme, The Last Space Race promises to appeal to fans of Asimov, Clarke and Kubrick (already a shut-up-and-take-my-money scenario) plus it's authored by Peter Calloway, screenwriter for the FX series of Legion - the captivating differentness of that series made it a standout for me and I hope Calloway brings some of that magic to the comic book field with him. If that wasn't enough, the sample art looks fantastically trippy and gorgeous - wow, it's going to be a great week!

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